Impact of cryptocurrencies in the real world.

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Hello friends!

This week I read a couple of articles that led me to reflect on various topics, one of them is related to the impact that Blockchain is causing outside the virtual world; In one of the publications, my friend @lanzjoseg celebrates having reached 70 reputation on this platform, thanking those who have supported them to achieve this achievement.

Reputation Level 70, Thank you everyone

In another article, the friend @uyobong celebrates his two years of having known blockchain and being on the platform, he makes a brief summary of the road traveled, showing his optimism to continue growing and investing in cryptography.

Happy Birth Anniversary to a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Enthusiast || I'll Celebrate myself with Hive and Hive Tokens Powerups



These two exciting expressions of satisfaction make us aware of the meaning that blockchain has in the lives of these users, at the same time it shows us the magnitude of the impact that Blockchain is having on the earthly plane, that is, outside of digital platforms.

Where Blockchain should be.

Daily we read endless articles that refer to blockchain, they all teach you important things about this technology, terminology, trader, financial systems, governance of different platforms, operation, market, trends and stop counting, all these things are very useful for us but blockchain shouldn't be limited to this.

Much has been written about the distribution of wealth on the planet, linking this fact to the prevailing poverty in the world, now, blockchain was born as the technology that would bring financial freedom to people, decentralization, freedom, autonomy of funds, access For everyone, financial security are some of the flags that cryptocurrencies fly.



For all these reasons I think that blockchain should be with people, the example of Satoshi Nakamoto today is more important than ever, I believe or they created this technology and they gave it to us so that we could appropriate it and we are doing so.

Now. Should it become the benefit of an elite? Or should we remove blockchain from networks and position it where it should be? Blockchain must be with people, we must remove it from the virtual plane to bring it to the earth plane and that people feel the impact of blockchain on their family, at home , your neighborhood, your environment, so we will achieve mass adoption.

How to bring Blockchain to the real world? (Tangible).

I know there are some projects underway that show blockchain on the street, this is surely arousing the curiosity of other people who do not know this technology and is driving them towards it, here I want to leave just some examples of what I write:

A few months ago I read a fascinating story that shocked me from the beginning, the publication was made for a contest organized by @xpilar, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Steem Blockchain.


The story is from @sultan-aceh, where he tells his how he knew Blockchain, the conditions he was in and how cryptocurrencies allowed them to make their home from scratch, a project funded entirely by STEEM AND SBD, an inspiring story you will find in this post.

The following example comes from Nigeria and shows us how a young passionate about soccer and Blockchain is impacting the children of his community through @dfacademy, an academy that is being financed by Blockchain, a way to bring blockchain from the virtual world. to the real world.

Control and Passing Football Drill [Ep-130]

Finally I want to remind some of you what we are doing in Venezuela through @hope.venezuela and the HOPE DAY program, wooo this is causing a sensation in every community where we go, every breakfast we deliver to these children is our way of removing Blockchain from our virtual world and placing it on the street, where Blockchain should be.

1 STEEM and your upvote can make a difference, HOPE DAY (Weekly update)


As I said from the beginning, there are surely many projects that are bringing blockchain to communities outside the internet, that are materializing this technology, but surely much remains to be done.

From here we think that the best way to make blockchain tangible is to devise, execute and finance projects like these on the street, it is not just about photographing ourselves with the achievements obtained in blockchain when there are many people ignoring where the funds come from.

We can do it individually, we can unite as a group, we can even create a corporation, the important thing is that people start to see projects on the street, that impact people, that change or modify their environment and that they can start to say this project It is fully crypto-funded, that makes a difference.

We are going to take blockchain to the streets!

We are Project HOPE a community that brings hope!


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Excellent article friend @fucho80. I think that the Blockchain for everyone is the future, little by little it is establishing itself in the real world, besides that its use and utility has intensified due to the pandemic.

Solid reading.

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Blockchain must be with people, we must remove it from the virtual plane to bring it to the earth plane and that people feel the impact of blockchain on their family, at home , your neighborhood, your environment, so we will achieve mass adoption.

Thank you @fucho80 for the mention. It is true that we must look at how to have the common man feel the impact of Blockchain technology. This would make blockchain tech more sustainable.

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Excellent article, friend, this very well what you highlight, the Blockchain is the future without doubt.

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Thanks for another great article. It is good to see how blockchain continues to develop more use cases and becomes more widely adopted. I am sure in the years to come it will be transparently built in to so many every day applications.

Great article.
I believe little by little the future is awaiting the huge importance cryptocurrency will offer to the world