How is your day to day after COVID-19, what preventive measures are you adopting?

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The arrival of the CoronaVirus has modified our daily lives, in principle the television, press, radio and Internet news outlined everything that was happening in China, the eyes of the entire world fell on the Asian country in January 2020, and each one of them their The country was praying that the virus did not cross the border of its country.



But step, what most feared happened and now the COVID-19 is in most of our countries drastically changing our day to day and forcing us to adopt prevention protocols that we were not used to... As the CoronaVirus changed your day to day? What preventive habits are you adopting?

What a change in my daily life after the arrival of the Virus.

As many of you know, I live in Venezuela, I am an Evangelical Pastor and I work at steemit most of the time, publishing and supporting content on Project Hope. Like everyone around the world, I always prayed that the pandemic would not touch my country, but what I least wanted happened and last Friday the first confirmed cases of the virus were announced.

Immediately the government reacted, putting in place the security protocols to try to avoid the spread of the virus and the citizens went into crisis. In the first instance, the community was asked to suspend meetings involving a large number of people, then quarantine was ordered in 7 entities of the country, to finish announcing social quarantine throughout the national territory, there are already 35 confirmed cases throughout the country .

By suspending all activities that involve more than ten people, it obviously affects the normal functioning of the Church that I pastor, which totally modifies my daily activities. Last Monday I met with the group of leaders who accompany me in the Church to devise a plan that allows us to continue our meetings without violating the preventive protocols ordered by the government.

Our Church has around 50 to 60 members, we are divided into four (4) "Cells" or small groups called Restoration Houses, in which we congregate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; On Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays we do our general meetings at the headquarters of our congregation, where the largest number of people gather.

The decision we made was to increase the day of meetings in small groups and suspend all general meetings until this situation is controlled, while I as a pastor must organize myself to be even one day a week in a different "cell", fortunately in my region (Monagas), so far there have been no confirmed cases of CoronaVirus.

Tell us about your experience.

It is possible that the Virus has broken into your country modifying your daily activities. What has been your experience in this case? What measures did the government of your country take to try to contain the spread of the virus?... For some countries I know that the experience has been terrible, situations of total isolation, many infected with the virus, much fear of being infected, fear of dying , lack of food, among other things.

In Venezuela, we are barely beginning to know the numbers of those infected, hoping that all the preventive measures will serve to contain the infections and be able to return to normality.

I hope that in your country, all protocols work and this enemy that came without warning and has put the world's governments in Jake, will soon be controlled and eradicated.

Let me know your experience!

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These are difficult days. But with the firm conviction that we will get through this.

We must become strong in body and spirit and everything else will come in addition.

These are difficult days. But with the firm conviction that we will get through this.

Totally agree brother, we will pass this test soon, I believe in that.

So far I am trying to comply with the quarantine call.

In my home I am the only one who goes in and out, only to make necessary purchases. When I return I comply with a disinfection protocol at the entrance of my house.
Meanwhile my mother, my daughter and my wife remain inside.

I have noticed that a large part of the population is complying with the mobilization regulations. But we are living a tense calm.

I have a feeling that many cases will be announced abruptly soon in my country.

Hello John.

I have a feeling that many cases will be announced abruptly soon in my country.

Hope you are wrong brother and this test ends quickly and sim much to regret.

God hear you.

Its like your worst nightmare playing out in slow motion. Every hour there is more bad news and the end seems so far away.

However, I refuse to let the fear and unknown grind me down.

The widespread of coronavirus isn't really a pleasing incident these days due to the amount of lives lost and it's effect on cryptocurrency, stock exchange and the global economy as a whole.

What has been your experience in this case? What measures did the government of your country take to try to contain the spread of the virus?

Recently, five cases of coronavirus has been reported in my country at different states. We actually don't know the source of the virus and how it came into our country but most officials were on the view that it was due to the accommodation of visitors from other part of the country. This has led to the immediate closure of the airports in my country to avoid strangers coming in.

Other preventive measures are

  • Educating people on the effect of the virus

  • Closure of borders

  • Provision of free face masks or nose covers in some part of the country

*Social Distancing

I just hope everything gets better and the virus get eradicated completely.

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I live in India where is not that much cases covid-19 so it’s normal day for me like as usual