Stereotypes and society.!

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Hello friends, I hope you are feeling well and having a great week.

Today I want to talk to you about a topic that I think is really interesting in our society today, because unfortunately most of us, especially women, are exposed to it or we are simply slaves of the situation.


Would you like to know what the word beauty means to you? What do you mean by it? Do you consider yourself a beautiful person on the outside as well as on the inside?

I think these are questions we should ask ourselves and solve them ourselves, not let others distort our thinking.



We all know that nowadays beauty is sold to us on television and everywhere as the perfect woman, the one who is thin, with big breasts, a small waist and an enviable face, but the reality is different, not all of us have these attributes and many of us let ourselves be carried away and change our mentality because of what the industry wants to sell us.

Obviously this is not a reality that only affects women, men are also involved, only that for us it is much easier to fall into this competition of beauty.

I believe that today social networks have actively participated in these changes in mentality and psychological disorders of many people, they want to sell us a reality that is simply not ours, they do not want to sell realities because otherwise they would not earn the same amount of money. And it is not only in common life, it also affects celebrities who are always in a constant competition to see who is the best and the most beautiful."OBVIOUSLY A NOTHING HEALTHY ATTITUDE FOR OUR LIFE".




Social networks can be good up to a point, but the moment they start to disrupt your life and change your mentality in a negative way and make you not love yourself as a person, there is already a problem. I think that the new generation is the most affected by all this, since being younger in my opinion we are more susceptible to fall into these influences.

Although on the other hand I must say that these stereotypes are inculcated since childhood, since we have a doll with an excellent body, hair and face, they teach us that we must be like them and when we realize that this is not the reality we give ourselves a strong blow with life. Many I understand, many not and those are the ones that later present pathologies like the bulimia and the anorexia, for some it is something without importance but really it is an important upheaval and that can finish with the life of any person.



Fortunately some companies are already being more aware of this situation and in some countries we can see dolls from different cultures and also that are not the perfect barbie that we have always sold, real women may have excess fat, have cellulite most, have dark circles, also wrinkles, stretch marks are also part of their lives sometimes, "THAT IS THE REALITY" and who does not accept I think has big problems.

Or at least that's my opinion.



We are all imperfectly BEAUTIFUL! :)

Do you agree with me?

Thanks for reading me!!





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Very good article! Have a look at Sara Puhto on Instagram (, she is also on the front line of fighting beauty stereotypes and their abuse on social media.

Hello friend, thank you very much for your comment.

Hello @franyeligonzalez
This stereotype thing is very strong in society.
Men are also affected by this in some ways, but it is certainly much more pronounced in women.
It is necessary to accept oneself, no more.

Hello friend, that's right even though men don't show it that much certainly happens.

Hello @franyeligonzalez.

I believe that the greatest damage that stereotypes do to humanity is represented in the beauty that fashion dictates to women, this has unfortunately made them sick for wanting to search in a compulsive way for a false beauty that is only dictated by society and the sickly capitalism in which we live.

Greetings and thanks for this post.

Hello friend, thank you for commenting and you are very right in what you say. Greetings.