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Hello friends of @project.hope I hope you are feeling very well and that this week has been of many goals achieved! :)

Today I want to focus on an important topic with which many of us will surely feel identified. PROCRASTINATION

We have all at some point postponed some activity, whether important or not, but the big question is, do we know why we act that way?




I particularly think or rather I thought that everything came from the lack of productivity of each person and the bad organization that could have with his life and his daily activities, but today investigating on the topic I found an article that talks about a quite interesting cause, "OUR EMOTIONS ".

The truth surprised me the article because I had not heard or seen it that way, at some point I could think that everything is due to a certain fear of not wanting to assume or face certain situations and I think that it was not so far from what perhaps is the reality.

” “Procrastination is an emotional regulation problem, not a time management problem," said Tim Pychyl, a professor of psychology and member of the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. ” Source

I sincerely believe that there is much reason for that statement, and it makes sense since many people prefer to procrastinate before taking on any challenge, since they do not feel confident enough to do so. It is a subject of AUTOESTIMA in my opinion, if we do not believe in ourselves we will never stop feeling inferior and incapable of facing any work, activity or situation.



In addition to feeling incapable of doing any activity, we fall into this vicious circle of procrastination and subsequently feel worse as a person, our self-esteem declines more and more and we enter into certain problems such as depression or anxiety, feeling dissatisfied with all that we are and questioning ourselves for not having done everything possible to be better people, workers or simply for not achieving our objectives and goals.

So when I read all this and come to these conclusions I can only say that the solution comes from within and not necessarily from the outside (of having to organize and plan our time more), it is something that goes beyond what we imagine and that without knowing it can be affecting our state of health both physically and emotionally.

Although many of us do not want to accept it, many times our defects or difficulties in certain aspects of our life come from the psychological side, from years ago, of course that does not mean that we should carry it with us for the rest of our lives, but in order to work on it we must be aware that the problem is there. From then on it is up to us to work on it or simply to move on to the pathological.

Thanks for reading me!





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Like doing taxes is something I procrastinate each year but I need to do it during the whole yearn instead.

Hahaha is a responsibility.

That is why popular wisdom advises us not to 'put off until tomorrow what you can do today'. Postponing is a bad habit that will prevent us from reaching our goals, certainly this habit has its emotional roots, so accepting the problem and seeking help is the first step.

Hello friend you are very right, it is a bad habit. Greetings!

Hello @franyeligonzales
In human behavior there is never a single cause of things.
The reality is that we are so complex that what originates some specific attitude in us always goes hand in hand with things of upbringing, studies, capacities, ability, self-esteem, and the list is long.

Hello friend @josevas217 you are very right, thanks for coming by.


Con el apoyo de la familia.

Thank you very much.

Just as lack of confidence in one self can lead to procrastination, laziness and lack of self-control or discipline also lead to procrastination.

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I agree with you, most people prefer to postpone what they are going to do before facing reality, when we have low self-esteem nothing works out for us, we put obstacles in the way that do not exist but for us at the time they do, when we start to value ourselves without expecting anyone to do it for us and showing that we can go out and meet our goals and objectives. Greetings friend @franyeligonzalez