How do we recover from an economic loss?

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Hello friends, I hope you are feeling well and having an excellent week, I was a little absent with my publications but I am back.

I am sure that at some point in your lives you have gone through some economic loss or some business that did not turn out well at all, at this moment I identify a lot with this topic since recently something similar happened to me and even though the loss was not so great, at the end of the day IT'S A LOSS.



We all want to be successful in our lives, especially financially, we want to be completely independent and not depend on a salary, plus all that that includes, for example, having to put up with an undesirable boss. But in the beginning nothing is easy and we have to make certain sacrifices to reach our goal.

I believe that one of the main points to keep in mind is to believe in ourselves. If we know what we are capable of, we will be able to get up and recover from the loss that may be, not playing the victim and thinking that everything goes wrong, since that's life, everything is temporary and just as good moments occur, so do bad ones, you just have to face them.

We always say that if one door closes another one will open, and that is what we should look for, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, if the options do not come to us we should go out and look for them.



Our friendships can be a great option for new opportunities. Letting them know about our situation and our interest in improving ourselves will help us open more doors.

On the other hand, since the moment is not the best, we cannot let ourselves fall, on the contrary. We must remain focused and work on a new plan or a new strategy. Bad times are temporary and that is something we must keep in mind.

Working twice as hard is the best way to recover our losses, we must always make new sacrifices in order to achieve our goals. Expenses are also a fundamental piece, we must be more economical and minimize expenses as much as possible, that will help us to fill our wallet again.

Of course, looking for new horizons, perhaps starting a new business is a good option. Crises usually help us to move forward and change the course of history. I have heard from people that in this year 2020 for whom it has been terrible, others have taken full advantage of the opportunities and have been able to emerge. So I think it has nothing to do with the year, nor with what is happening around you, but with our attitude and our desire to move forward.

If we don't propose them we can do great things and go very far.

Thanks for reading me!!





Hi @frayeligonzalez
Losses must be faced with the knowledge that these things can happen, get us up and go on. There is no other way. To learn, of course, but not to be overshadowed by the situation.

Hello @josevas217 thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right!

Hello friend @franyeligonzalez we are always at the expense of having losses, but you always have to move forward and know how to start from scratch, with much conviction and discipline, I know it's difficult but you must make a clean slate and not attract more negative things.

See you later, it was a pleasure to greet you

Hello friend, it is very true what you say, we must move forward!

After facing lose in every stage of life, we gotta move on. We learn with our lost, our mistakes. If we don't accept our mistake, we can't learn anything.

Hello friend you are right!

Thanks for your nice article. Reality is very hard, theory and life totally different. To be successful, we have to take all opportunity.

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Hello friend, indeed. Thanks for coming by.

In this world every day we face more difficult tests and with respect to the economy will never make stable, we are always predisposed to lose or win, one of the most viable ways from my point of view for a rapid recovery from a serious economic loss, implement new strategies and work hard, minimizing egress by making cuts of the least necessary, to recover soon from an economic loss. Greetings very good article

Thanks friend, thanks for your comment and opinion!


Con el apoyo de la familia.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks for your advices and good energy. Actually, I need this kind of message.

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Thank you for commenting.

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