Do you know what your reason for being happy is?

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Hello friends, how are you? I hope this week is one of goals and objectives achieved. I had some days without publishing but here I am again, with a topic that I find interesting, ON OUR HAPPINESS, do you know what are the reasons that make you happy?

Many put the happiness of others before their own, and in my opinion our happiness should always come first.



First of all let's define the word HAPPINESS:

” Happiness, as such, is measured by each person's ability to provide solutions to the various aspects that make up their daily lives. In this sense, people who have these aspects covered should be happier, feel self-realized and full. ” Source

” However, for Sigmund Freud happiness is something utopian, because he considers that, in order to be possible, it could not depend on the real world, where individuals are constantly exposed to unpleasant experiences, such as failure and frustration and, in this sense, he maintains that the most a human being could aspire to is a partial happiness. ” Source

In view of this, I think both definitions are right, on the one hand it is important to be able to solve our problems and also to be able to do what we like to feel that we are useful and that we have achieved great objectives. On the other hand, we must also take into account that in life not everything is happiness, there are unpleasant, sad and frustrating moments, but we must learn to live with them.



In my opinion, happiness is measured subjectively, which for me can be pleasant, perhaps for others is boring or simply unpleasant. My happiness is totally different from yours and my neighbor's.

Also many people believe that happiness is measured by money or goals achieved, in my opinion it is not so, I do not mean that achieving your goals is not important, but you should enjoy the journey, you may not meet the goal but get a teaching and that is a great achievement.

Not always things go as we want, but we must learn to appreciate what life gives us, a moment always next to your best friend can be a reason for happiness, or helping another, learn something new during the day, dawn alive and in excellent health, everything depends on the opinion we have to the HAPPINESS.



All or most of us live a life in search of happiness, but are we really living? or are we just trying to achieve something that is simply before our eyes?

We spend years looking to be completely happy and joyful, to always have a smile on our face, but that is something momentary and does not mean that our life is not healthy and optimal, we just need to know that to have a pleasant life we must appreciate the small details and see how beautiful each day can offer us.


Now I ask you, do you think you are happy? Are you making the most of your life and those little moments that make a difference?

Thanks for reading me!





Hello @franyeligonzalez
For many, this theme could even stand out in the abstract; there are those who don't think about being happy, they just are.
But there are also those who never seem to feel a bit of happiness in their lives, we all know people like that.
Life cannot be a constant happiness, that is absurd, I do not believe that there is anyone who can achieve such a thing, there will always be pleasant moments and others not so many in our lives, it is logical.
I am happy, at times, of course, and there is something that was not making me happy right now, and I am already closing that cycle.

Hello friend, that's right, we can't always be happy, everything has its ups and downs. Thanks for commenting!

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Achieving goals alone brings me joy and happiness. I am that type that loves to be happy even when there is no reason.

The main thing that drives me is having my day went as planned but if it fails, I am still going to be happy

Hi friend, good for you, I'm glad you think that way! Greetings!

I believe that happiness is being good with myself, that said I do not feel happy because it is also about being self-realized and for that I need a lot, however I am calm enough to say look if I am happy, but without exaggerating, very good post and a big hug dear friend

That's right my friend, we must love each other as we are and do our best to accomplish what we set out to do! Greetings!

Nopes... Not always happy, I have loads of things to do in life still... sometimes I started doing little by little like solo travelling and its giving happiness.

Happiness can be unexpected too...when certain good surprises come your way.

I was damn happy even though my Dad got Covid few months ago, because he you know survived it even though that was a unpleasant experience, so it depends.

Moving on, always pursuing the journey that gives you happiness little by little makes a big difference.

Feeling good, wonderful, plesand, loved, occupied and doing something to have fun, gives happiness to, it does not need to be complicated.

Its true that happiness is subjective, and your happiness comes first before others, only then can you truely inspire others to be happy and all.

Hello friend, that's right, I'm glad your dad will recover!

Con el apoyo de la familia.

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Thank you for your support!

Certainly happiness is something subjective, as you say, the things that make me happy will not necessarily make someone else happy, and on the other hand it is something utopian, for me it would come to be the result of the sum of moments, since there are good and bad ones, but if the balance is positive we could consider ourselves happy.

Hello friend, excellent response, I agree! Greetings and thanks for stopping by.

Yo pienso que se ha asociado este concepto de felicidad con ese estado como de euforia o mucha alegría, llegando a pensar que debe ser permanente, y en ese sentido entiendo porqué Freud lo define como una "utopía" porque ciertamente ocurren muchas cosas o experiencias en la vida de las personas que no conectan precisamente con esa alegría perenne.

Ahora bien, creo que la felicidad es un estado inherente del Ser como la Paz, siento que soy feliz si a pesar de las circunstancias que estoy viviendo me siento bien con quién soy, lo que hago, cómo lo hago y con quién me rodeo. Aprovechando como dices cada experiencia vivida desde la gratitud, tomando cada aprendizaje como una oportunidad de crecimiento y permitiendome a su vez adentrarme en esos estados instrospectivos a los que a veces puede llevarme la tristeza.

Gracias por esta reflexión e invitación a pensar en esto, muy buena tu publicación

Bendiciones ✨

I think that this concept of happiness has been associated with that state as euphoria or much joy, coming to think that it must be permanent, and in that sense I understand why Freud defines it as a "utopia" because certainly many things or experiences occur in people's lives that do not connect precisely with that perennial joy.

Now then, I believe that happiness is an inherent state of Being as Peace, I feel I am happy if in spite of the circumstances I am living I feel good about who I am, what I do, how I do it and who I surround myself with. Taking advantage as you say of each experience lived from gratitude, taking each learning as an opportunity for growth and allowing me in turn to enter into those instrospective states to which sadness can sometimes take me.

Thank you for this reflection and invitation to think about this, very good your publication

Blessings ✨

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