The Blockchain in Times of Crisis Covid-19

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The Blockchain in Times of Crisis.

Greetings to all our community, today we want to talk about the virtues and advantages that perhaps many already know about the blockchain but that have recently become more visible due to the historical moment that the whole world is going through because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is no secret that small and large nations have been significantly affected by the partial paralysis of the countries' internal and external economies, the lack of productivity has caused all markets, including the value of oil, to falter.

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But every crisis is also an opportunity.

This case is no exception and in the midst of the crisis as it usually happens many societies have been innovating and studying the blockchain as a solution to the economic crisis that has led to this global pandemic.

The blockchain emerges as a tool to sustain foreign trade; the proposal of a new "normality", where forms of less physical contact must be devised, maintaining the work of those who daily contribute goods and services.

The use of technologies such as the blockchain which could allow the development of new economic models from now on, with greater strength.

The Blockchain offers an endless number of applications in the commercial area, businessmen and nations are beginning to take into account this technological development in order to move forward with their economies, by offering greater security in production processes, greater speed and lower costs, taking into account that its use is not limited only to payments, and has even been tested to carry out the data of the traceability of some foods, for the control of production and transport of medical implements, and more and more industries are joining the technological study of the blockchain as an alternative to improving their services and processes.

The massification of the use of the Blockchain through the creation of virtual purses for the monetary management of the citizens by the governments and for the development of administrative and business processes should lead to the massive education and training of the new post-Covid-19 societies in the use of the blockchain and its diverse applications, as well as the induction in the subject of the crypto-currencies for a greater percentage of the population in the countries with small, medium and large economies.

Understanding the pandemic as an opportunity for development may be the key to the evolution of a congested and process-saturated world. The transparency, security, stability and safety, the nullity in electronic frauds, the decentralized computer structure that supports the blockchain system among other characteristics could be part of our new economies, adapting the international and national protocols in order to carry out new procedures that respect a premise such as -more work less physical contact-.

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Businessmen must, and in many cases they are already doing so, study not only the recovery of the economies but also to improve their services in time and costs where different positive experiences have already been made with the use of the blockchain as the case of Multinationals of shipments, more speed in the nationalization of products, control and monitoring of goods all these experiences could be taken into account and with it could even arise the birth of new national and international regulations for the traceability and control of goods and services to society.

Some usability cases of Blockchain technology currently

1) Supply chain management

  • Food Trust by IBM and Walmart
  • Bext360 provides unsurpassed block chain traceability and quantifiable measurements for sustainability.
  • ConsenSource is an application designed to bring transparency and confidence to the supply industry by making it easy to find and verify a factory's certifications and audit trails.

**2) Identity management of an individual

  • A single identity, with no risk of theft or plagiarism.
  • No need to carry documents.
  • One digital identity can work on multiple platforms.
  • Not susceptible to data breaches.
  • For example, it could be used to identify individuals with certain symptoms and a database of patients.

**3) Asset tokenization

It is a crucial step towards protecting real-world assets. In addition, it greatly reduces the bureaucracy we are subject to when transferring possessions and documents. This avoids physical contact at many moments of the day.

Additionally, these processes would be carried out more effectively, faster, channeling investment, greater access to assets by retail investors.

Some companies already perform this methodology:

**4) Improvement in processes in the area of Health

Especially with the present moment, the health system needs important reforms that increase the effectiveness of the processes and attention, for that reason it is necessary changes that are carried out through the technological innovations, as it is the technology Blockchain.

All data can remain secure, shared in the blockchain and only authorized personnel could access them.

Also, data that is stored in one place (decentralized as a blockchain), can help improve the research effort of scientists seeking to solve the pandemic or find a cure.

Some health care projects that use blockchains are

On the same page, you can register and text yourself if you have symptoms, so you know if you have Covid-19. And they tell you the following:

With your profile, you can store and share your test results through a QR code only with those you authorize access.
We will never own, share or sell your data without your permission.

And just like these, many more.

These are just some of the cases we bring to light to show the use of the blockchain that is taking place at the moment, and the effectiveness of the same for the processes that we humans already carried out before. Dissiminating response times, protection, reliability, efficiency, decrease of contact in procedures, among other characteristics that could be named.

**If you know more cases of usability of the Blockchain technology, we invite you to comment on the comment box, and if you think this is an important issue for others to know, we also promote you to share this post with others.

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