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In @erarium we want to educate as many people as possible, especially in branches such as trading, cryptomonies, economy, finance and blockchain etc... For this we must publish regular content on these topics so that everyone can read and share this content so that the ecosystem continues to grow and more people come to this Blockchain.

The topic this time has to do with smart savings and what tips we should take into account to save our money properly.

Expenses are a problem


It is increasingly important to pay attention to superfluous expenses that we often consider insignificant, which can be anything from sweets to napkins or a simple coffee, but which then translate into a large deficit in our pocket at the end of the month without us having noticed.

Has it ever occurred to you to consider all those insignificant expenses as little ants that get away?

When you begin to observe that even the smallest ants, when they get together, form a large volume, you realize that every expense we make is not really insignificant.

Let's see it with an example, in dollars:

If your monthly salary was: 500.00 USD and you spend daily; 1.00 USD, in one month you would have had a total of ants' expenses equivalent to: $30.50. In one year they would be losing the opportunity to save 366.00 USD. Obviously here we are not talking about the strong expenses, only about the minuscule expenses and that we reject all the time.

Then, in function of this, @erarium wants to open a section to begin to give you some tips of savings that will help you to diminish the ants expenses, so that your money can yield of a more effective form and thus they can invest it, so that it works for all you.

Today, the tip we'll share will be "Having a good savings goal."


A good motivation to register and eliminate superfluous expenses can be to find a cause that motivates you, such as; a trip, to buy some particular object, to have a specific capital to invest, etc.

How to do it?

We will do this with a SMART objective.

The SMART method would be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Then, based on this methodology, the objective we will define should have these characteristics:

The goals will be written simply and clearly. I will save to have 100 USD exclusively for investments at the end of one year.

To show that an objective has been achieved, it is necessary that our goals are measurable. In the case of monetary goals such as savings or investments, it can be reflected in your wallet, safe, CryptoWallet, or your bank account. 100 USD in 12 months (one year), is the same as the sum of 8.34 USD per month. And, in turn, is equal to the sum of 0.42 USD every working day for an entire year.

Goals must be something we can accomplish, so we must ensure that there is a balance between challenging and well-defined so that it can be achieved. This is why it is important to trace them on paper, so that we can clearly see if the steps are possible or not.

Can I save $8.34 per month, depending on my monthly income? And if the answer is no, then; how much can I really save?

If necessary, we make the adjustment according to the possibilities we have, and we define the new objective, which can now be achieved.

Remember, challenging but achievable goal.

The goal or objective should measure results, not activities. That is, we have to make sure it is realistic and results-oriented.

They must be timed. It is necessary to establish a time limit for achieving each objective, so the chances of meeting it, because of the stress imposed by ourselves, are greater. In 12 months from now, I should have reached my goal.


Remember, the data and times are for example. You can change them according to what you want, your goals or objectives. And if you need advice on how to trace them and how to achieve them, do not hesitate to consult us. That is precisely why we have developed this project.

Keep an eye on the next publications with the following saving tips that we will share through this medium.


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Saving is a very good quality that we can have and use to our advantage, it is true that most of the time we spend what we could save on things that do not make sense or are not really necessary for our lives, for example a coffee every morning in the street when we can prepare it at home, or a sweet in the afternoon which we can replace with any fruit or vegetable that we buy in our market. These are things that I believe we can remedy with small acts and thus improve our savings.

Hello @franyeligonzalez.

We agree exactly with what you say, if we start taking action on those little expenses that we underestimate many times, our savings will grow or we will be able to do with our money many more things.

Thank you for your comment.

Good Tips, Really smart

Thank you very much @team07

We try to do a good job so that the whole community can be financially well educated and can take control of their personal finances