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RE: What does your income from Hive represent for you? - Contest

in Project HOPE8 months ago

Hive NEEDS THIS. Hive NEEDS TO HEAR THE VOICES OF ITS COMMUNITY as decisions are being made about Hive's future.

I encourage everyone who reads this to REBLOG this, and to read the Chain News feed every day and SPEAK UP LOUDLY when you see people wanting to remove content rewards and other things that will hurt REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY.


Thank you so much for your comment and for this amazing tip. It's greatly appreciated. It's true we shouldn't forget about all the people for whom Hive is more than just a platform. For many it's the place that puts food on their plates. I believe we need everybody on this platform.

Maybe today these people manage to buy food with hive. Maybe tomorrow they can put some of the Hive aside and maybe some times later they can become a dolphin or an orca and help the people around them....