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RE: Perhaps the confinement that humanity has experienced due to the covid-19 pandemic is the greatest psychological impact in human history

in Project HOPE4 months ago

I believe there are and will be psychological consequences from covid lockdown. There has been an increase in divorce rates, domestic violence and depression. Some people did not cope well with this. I see this as a forced fast forward in life. People stayed very much close together, being now more than ever able to socialize and discover themselves. Fast forwarding means that under pressure people revealed more from their dark side, a thing which under normal conditions would have happened much slower.

Most of all, I think that covid confinement taught people a necessary lesson: you can never run from yourself. So people who had hidden feelings and inner problems had now a lot of solitude and time with themselves to figure them out. Only that such people avoid alone time just because they fear facing their own demons. Lockdown released them all. Not a good picture for the human nature. We shall see what the future will bring. Thank for sharing!


That's right, my friend, we'll see what the future holds for us. Let's hope that everything will change for the better, or that humanity will be able to adapt to this new way of life.

It will be ok, people should remain calm and adapt. Life is always full of ups and downs. Have an amazing day!