Human Matrix || Are We Deceived?

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In my opinion Start Of Deception or Matrix is started from the Subject Of Creation Of Humanity. Some Conspiracy Theorists says that human beings created as an Experiment and like wise, but it leads to one aspect WHY?

Other Conspiracy Theorists says that Human Beings are created by Race Of Giants as a need of Slaves for digging Gold and other aspects. But who will let us know in specific and definite way how the Race Of Human Beings created.

Others think we are created by the GOD. But in my opinion everyone was felt and feeling that something really important aspect is missing from this Subject and I've came up with this Subject because in a way it became Subject Of Psychological Issues too because in my opinion many going through from the Phase Of Loneliness and this phase is part of the Unknown Reality about the Creation Of Human Beings.

At the end of the day, till this day no one clearly know who is who and what is what. But why we are so much Clueless, may be some of us are not Humans at all and they are keeping Reality Of Humans a Secret and hiding it from decades.


Let me know in the Comment Section how many people feel that we are following someone else's Script, in my opinion not just following, it will be not wrong we say it as Blindly Following. Many tried to come out of this Scripted Path but they suppressed by different names.

When we see towards this Scripted aspect one thing is closely matching with the In Question Reality and that is Human Beings are Slaves of Unidentified Beings. If we see the Movie 🎦 World we see the Human Transformation in unimaginable ways.

What if these so called Unidentified Beings transformed into Human Beings and sitting on the high positions, here we can think about the Pyramid System or Hierarchy. So we can assume that Human Beings are slaves of this Pyramid System.

Or may be Truth is lot more worse and it's not coming out because, otherwise Foundations of Pyramid System will fall. This World was always lived like a War Zone and nothing is different when it comes to the Current Era.


Now let's talk about the possibility of revealing of truth. In this subject we can just come up with some guesses for now. In my opinion first guess is, if we are truly deceived by the Pyramid System then we can just expect that this System reveal some signs of it.

Many times we got to know, read, heard and watched on Media that people who are part of the System they were trying to expose some of the aspects. What is happening really is hard to know or consume but one thing is for sure and that is, Truth is trying to come out time to time but human beings are not able to cope with the Truth.

Sometimes Actual Truth destroys the Foundations and these Foundations can be everything for Human Beings. We can just hope that one day Truth will rise before us in a way that no one can run away from it or neglect it.

And we Human Beings have the Internal Indicator which let us know What Is Right and Wrong in the form of Feeling and it's called as Intuition or Inner-self. At the end of the day it's really important to read the Truth with the help of Intuition.

Steem On.


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Hi @chireerocks

Finally I managed to read your older publication. I bookmarked it a while ago and I only got to it now. Hopefully you're still checking your comments :)

Some Conspiracy Theorists says that human beings created as an Experiment and like wise, but it leads to one aspect WHY?

I've my own personal (and very real) explanation. Imagine that sometime in the nearest future human race is on the brink of extinction.

We obviously try to survive and perhaps we would try to colonize some other parts of the universe. Lets say that we would find new place to live and manage to ship thousands of people, who would be nothing but "settlers".

Many of those settlers would most likely die. Lack of labour force would become a problem sooner than later. In that condition - wouldn't it be tempting to modify current life-forms or create new ones? Slaves.

Our human race could be those slaves. It all could play out differently - however my bottom line is that I strongly believe that some advanced technology and superior race created us. One way or another.

Yours, Piotr

I want to appreciate your Feedback. Thank you. 🙂

Yes, in my opinion also we are the creation of Unknown Beings or Entities.

But let's hope that we will get to know the actual Truth sooner or later. Stay blessed.

Hi, @chireerocks!

The origin of human beings has always been a very controversial issue. Creationism versus evolutionism. But have we been the only beings that have ever existed on this planet? How old is the Earth? How old has humanity been since its beginning as a cavemen? Possibly there were other kinds of beings, bigger, of other colors, maybe even more intelligent.

If this were true, who were these beings? And why do they no longer exist?

I've never heard of Pyramid Scheme. But I suppose it is possible that our existence is based on that system from all points of view, social, economic, political, spiritual.

For those who think that life is one, there is no Matrix and no sense of existence. But for those who believe that there is more to life after death, possibly the Matrix is an analogy to what we live.

Perhaps the truth will come out someday, as you say, but most likely we will not accept it.

My kind regards

Thank you so much for your very thoughtful response, it's really appreciated.

In my opinion Truth is scarier and as you said, when it will come up majority of Human Beings will not consume it.

It's important to hold the Open Mind towards all Subjects and Possibilities so that surprises will not surprise us. Stay blessed always.

You're very welcome :)

Stay blessed too

Thank you. 🙂

Hello friend, it's a pleasure to read such an interesting publication.
from my point of view I believe that we have been created by an entity or a higher energy, in many conversations I have said that we are an experiment that we are like an ant garden and someone is testing what the result is, I have had paranormal experiences and I am UFO researcher the psychic area, and I can tell you that in the experiences that I have lived, I have had things that question my beliefs so it is a subject that is gray and dark.
You mention that there are certain characteristics in the pyramid scheme that one can recognize, could you tell me what they are?

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Thank you so much for your feedback.

In my opinion in a way, Pyramid System by it's appearance tells something and that is, everything is controlled by one entity on the top, like, Chain Of Commands, may be here we have Chain Of Authorities which are hidden and whatever is visible for us it's just a glimpses of Puppet Show which happens behind the scenes.

Ever imagined only few can afford everything and others have to struggle all the time and to deceive us they come up with all the stories like, success means only hard work and years of toughness, but life is simple but to consume our energy and to depress positive energy Work System is there, in my opinion nowadays work is nothing but Pyramid System itself, people are going to job to earn that money and after that Banks are ready with the Debt Trap that means people have to stay in the State Of Tension all the time.

Why we cannot live like one Community, we can because Earth 🌏 gave us everything but some evil people dominated everything and they are calling this Domination a State Of Richness. If this world will come out of little Ego Of Ownership then for whole world earth will become Heaven, but at this moment we are in the slave world and unfortunately today's Corporate Work is the king of slavery making.

Let's hope that one day people will awake to the reality and will see how simple life is, once we understand the Fake Reality of Money and Monetary World.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

Hmm.. This is actually gonna be a very controversial topic since it has to do with human creation and existence. Everyone will surely have their point of view as regards to this topic at hand.

As for me, I believe humans are created by God and he made everything into existence according to his Devine power and knowledge.

Thank you so much for your feedback and in my opinion Reality is not the Absolute aspect, i think that every version have a Missing piece. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks for your lovely reply with love from @hardaeborla 💕❤️

Welcome and thank you. 🙂

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