When do we find the values in life that satisfy us?

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We are different minds and different ways of thinking in a convergence that feeds our souls, that is why we are rational humans with feelings. Although there is divergence there is always a common point, and it is that constant search for certain values that we believe we have lost in our lives, but once we recover them we realize that they become our most valuable treasure.


There are elements in our lives that fit perfectly to our purposes and objectives in life, however sometimes we feel that we stagnate even though our environment appreciates us as we have advanced satisfactorily, however time goes by until we reach the point where we reach that longed-for element in our lives that fits wonderfully in our lives and that allows us to continue advancing under the first initial parameters that we set to begin the journey to success.


When we think that it is someone else who can achieve achievements that we imagine are beyond our reach, is when we are closer to being successful, yes I know it seems contradictory, but when we think that it is someone else who can be successful is because simply the only step we must take is to activate ourselves, this means taking action based on what we have learned.

Who is the one who can? It is not someone else who can, it is we ourselves who can act and successfully execute what we propose, as long as we believe in ourselves.


Based on the above criteria, each person can discover what elements help him/her to discover the values that make him/her happy, however, I have realized based on my most recent experiences that it is sharing with my loved ones that has allowed me to get away from the routine and at the same time give me the opportunity to give more value to what really has value, which is nothing more than living.




Hello dear friend @carlos84.

As usual you share with us an extraordinary article, one of the most important aspects to develop as focused people is to have a solid confidence in ourselves, aspect that you describe very well in your writing.

Thank you my friend for your great contributions. Greetings.

Hello @carlos84!
Very thoughtful post, I think that loving and accepting ourselves as we are with our mistakes and virtues is something that we also learn over time and that allows us to live happier. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

Hello friend, very nice publication, to believe in ourselves is very important, our self-confidence can change many things in our life, if we can believe it we can achieve it, a phrase that I love, we must always work on our personal growth. Greetings and thank you for your publication.

Really thoughtful piece. Thanks

Hello @carlos84 Very good reflection, we must be attentive to what really makes us happy, and invest time in it will be the best we can do...thanks for sharing!!!!