What are the objectives of humanity in this 2021?

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Individualized goals can be framed for this year 2021, but due to this year's adversity I believe that some general objectives should be added that will make humanity recompose itself to assume new scenarios that will undoubtedly change completely the destiny of humanity, especially in that form of life in which we are accustomed.

When a new year arrives most of us have the habit of wishing that the year that arrives will be better than the one that left, however I literally believe that this new year that desire stops being a habit to become the precious yearning for all humanity, and that is after many have lost their loved ones and at the same time we are seeing a world economy quite beaten, and that the cases of covid-19 are again suffering from outbreaks in different countries of the world, I believe that this is a feeling generalized by all and that transcends the barriers of the traditional, we all wish that everything is composed, however there are tasks to be done because nothing is achieved from nothing and only with desires to fulfill.


It is important that world leaders know how to act on the demands of the poorest and most needy, if things are going to change I think they should start there, to achieve real changes is necessary to make known the truth of what happened with the real origins of this pandemic.

Of course, knowing this will make us set clear and real goals and objectives and work on the basis of something solid that will help us so that the year 2021 can truly be better than the year 2020.


If we talk about individualized objectives I think there is nothing better than closing the dark historical chapters of our past, not thinking about the things that made us and hurt us, if we want to build something good for this year 2021 we must close the previous chapters, and only use our past history as a great learning.

My wish is that each one of you can build a great chapter in your life for this year, and that the dark past only serves as a learning experience so that we all learn to value human life more.

Happy 2021



Humanity in general has suffered a lot from the pandemic, so I think that this year will be definitive to know if we will be able to control this evil with vaccination. Greetings @carlos84 and thanks for sharing

Greetings friend @carlos84

Happy New Year, I wish this 2021 will be one of great progress and blessings for you and your family. In relation to its publication I like the phrase "that humanity is recomposed to assume new scenarios", evidently from the individual we all have our particular desires centered in this new year, I agree with you the adverse situations that humanity in full lived, it is reason to draw up general objectives for this 2021, element that goes through that, bridges of understanding are established between the great international leaderships, in the brusqueness of common agreements. Thank you for this beautiful article.

Greetings friend @carlos84, I hope you have received a happy year. Without a doubt, if we want to overcome many things related to the pandemic, the rulers of the nancioes must be able to overcome their differences and work on common goals that will mainly benefit the most vulnerable, let's hope to see that wish come true.

Hi @carlos84

Happy New Year!
I share with you the hope that the governments of all nations will focus on helping those in need.
However, I particularly think that my expectations are far from being fulfilled.
This is premised on the actions of the various governments with respect to the manufacture and distribution of the covid 19 vaccine.
Best regards

All will be well in 2021. Happy New Year, friends!

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I am feeling very sad for those who lost their beloved ones in this covid-19. 2020 ws the worst year but we are expecting better from 2021. Anyway happy new year to you and let's se vaccine will be effective or not.