The power of perseverance

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Goals are usually very common in different stages of our lives, that is, from very early on it is very tempting for many of us to set goals and objectives that we believe can lead us to overcoming.

These thoughts of self-improvement are not bad, but many times we can underestimate the sacrifice that life itself asks us to make in order to give us that longed-for trophy as a reward.


No glory comes to us without a previous sacrifice, however every sacrifice is also accompanied by many stumbles, but how many times can we stumble without ceasing to insist.

I am completely convinced that to know how many times we can endure adversity we must know ourselves, because if in the end we end up understanding that we must have strength to develop an attitude of perseverance to never give up, no matter how many times we go wrong in something, the important thing is that we continue to insist, that if that insistence must be accompanied by a good job, honest actions that make the other people around us know that our perseverance and effort is worth it and that in the end we will end up achieving our goals.

I conclude this motivational analysis by saying that sacrifice and perseverance are worth more than a thousand talents, talent is worthless if we do not have the ability to insist on our dreams and goals.



You are right in that approach, without perseverance and sacrifice it is impossible to achieve any goal.

Hello friend, it is certainly very difficult to achieve important objectives for our lives if we do not manage to be constant in what we do to achieve our most important goals.


Good things come to those who go out and make it happen. That's it how it works. Thanks for the message

Hello my friend.

Important reflection that you show us, since nothing comes to our lives from nothing, but it comes by our own sacrifice and dedication.

Greetings and thanks for commenting.

Greetings friend@carlos84 . Our lives are full of sacrifices and perseverance. Every goal obtained carries with it many good and unpleasant things. The most important thing is to always be focused on achieving one by one each goal, no matter how difficult it may be.
Thank you very much for your publication.

Thank you my dear friend @dgalan.

Certainly you have to have perseverance and constancy and be able to endure the bad and hard times that may come along the way, maintaining prudence and wisdom is the key.


Hi dear @carlos84

I conclude this motivational analysis by saying that sacrifice and perseverance are worth more than a thousand talents

It's like that, friend, I totally agree, in the movie about power hunger where they tell the story of how McDonalds became an empire, the protagonist listens to a motivational album and they say that same phrase, there are many talented men in the poor, only the constancy and perseverance make you succeed

Certainly my friend, success comes with perseverance and perseverance, thank you very much for setting the motivational example that you mention in your comment.

Greetings and success for you in everything you undertake.

Hi @carlos84, good topic.
Perseverance, honest work and effort are determining factors to achieve goals.

You are right, if talent alone is not enough to be successful, it is necessary to accompany it with these factors.

Thank you for sharing this reflection.


Exactly, perseverance must be accompanied by other elements such as the ones you mention so that we can achieve our goals, thank you very much for your comment. Regards