Looking for the necessary inspiration when writing

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Greetings friends.

Perhaps many times it has happened to you that you lack inspiration or that you don't find the necessary concentration to be able to write, I understand you because I believe that it happens to all of us.

If we don't take care of this detail, it can mean a certain degree of frustration if we want to write but can't find a way to focus, and this is due to the lack of inspiration and good will we have at the time.

It is not good to force the march in wanting to write something when we are not focused, because the writer ends up being an artist who transmits his thoughts with passion, and like everything in life there are times that this passion is interrupted and makes us look bad if we force our desires and capabilities when writing.

To solve this problem I think that the best thing to do is to take off a little bit of that which pressures us and locks up our ideas. If we don't find topics to write about, the best thing to do is to go to a different environment than usual, distract ourselves for a while, talk to our relatives and even try to let go of that stress so that we can have a few laughs.

We are sure that the change of environment will make us de-stress and many ideas will come to our minds in a fresh and abundant way, so many ideas that perhaps we will even have to take notes of the many in which they will come to our mind to write.

It is important that we understand each other in this profession of writing, since we will not always have the same disposition, however knowing how to look for the source of inspiration we will surely generate excellent contents of the taste of all our followers.



If I definitely agree with you, it usually happens that many times for the same problems that we can have the inspiration does not come, however you can read an interesting news and you form your own opinion and from there you can start writing.

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Exactly my dear friend, the main thing is to look for the starting point, because once we start writing there is nothing left for us, and the one you mention is a strategy to inspire us.

This is really true, it happens to all of us to sometimes experience writer's block and I have been experiencing it lately. We just really have to look for inspiration through meeting people, going to places and reading other articles. Stress really contributes so much to writer's block but we just have to be organized and spend time to have breaks so we won't get burned out.

This happens to everyone who has a talent, for example artists, musicians and sportsmen, but once they have gone through that period of time they come back and take up their inspiration again.

Is it just because of burn out or temporarily loss of interest?

Greetings friend @carlos84

Without a doubt, this is a very common topic that I believe has happened to most of us at some point in our lives. I remember that when I began to write for the platform, my first question was about what I can write about without losing continuity, and after thinking about the advantages and disadvantages, I decided to write about what I am most passionate about, specifically about Agricultural Botany and Environmental Ecology, which are the areas where I was trained at the professional level. Thank you for this interesting contribution.

That same source of inspiration is what I looked for too, simply writing about what our profession means, good point of view friend @lupafilotaxia.

Greetings my dear friend @carlos84, you are absolutely right there are some moments when we find ourselves out of focus and ideas do not flow, that creates a certain desperation, I agree with you that we should distract ourselves a little and we can move forward little by little in what we want to write.

See you later, brother, have a great week!

Another key element for inspiration is that much needed pause to take a breath, to think about other things until new ideas come to our mind.

Greetings my dear friend @amestyj.