Leading edge oil technology: Digital reservoirs

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The evolution of the oil industry is undoubtedly towards new ways to achieve maximum optimization and performance of processes.

Given this scenario of evolution and adaptation towards new scenarios where the digitalization of resources represents a key position within the oil industry.

Oil industries are demanding professionals who master the basic oil principles, but in addition to this knowledge they must have skills in telesupervision and the ability to interpret oil digitized data. With all this professional profile, professionals trained in digitization can provide the oil industry with the ability to interpret production trends while at the same time improving the security of the work environment.

What are digital reservoir?

It can be conceptualized on the basis of what would be the digital fields, as long as we manage to define the scenario where the operational tasks will be executed within the oil industry based on the digitalization of the processes.

Operators, engineers and supervisors from this digital approach must be prepared to monitor themselves:
wells, pipelines, and any facility depending on the area where we operate. All these operations if under a digitized environment can only be carried out from a control panel, from an application installed on a tablet, in short you could say that this digital scenario minimizes operational risks while maximizing production rates.

This digital environment allows us to execute the same tasks that field trips can execute, with the difference and benefit that can be done from a site that supervises these activities in real time. It is necessary that the oil industry is constantly updating its employees, since this digital environment will grow as new elements are incorporated into what is artificial intelligence (AI).

It can be deduced then that every scenario as explained in the previous paragraphs gives rise to what we can call digital reservoirs.

Is there any precedent for these digital environments in the petroleum industry?

Of course, the incorporation of these digital environments depends on the area of the oil industry that needs to be evaluated or analyzed in order to execute a certain action.

In the case of reservoir engineering, knowledge of reservoir simulation is used, in which computer software is used to predict the petrophysical behaviour of the producing oil field. In the case of other departments such as drilling and production, new digital elements are being added all the time, but there is no doubt that this whole digital environment was strongly initiated from reservoir simulation.


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Is the transformation towards digital is something unstoppable within the petroleum industry?

I really think that almost, it is something inevitable in what has evolved and constant application refers, for example I can tell you that there is a deposit in Argentina called Vaca muerta, in which much of the technology applied there to control and predict the future behavior of these deposits, taking into account their production based on the fact that they are unconventional deposits.

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For the application of digitization in the oil industry it is necessary to know that the future regarding the extension of digitization depends on many factors, for example the application of digitization in drilling is not the same as in the reservoir department, where there is obviously a greater application in the area of reservoir engineering. The other thing is that not all oil companies join the application of digitalization in the same way, some companies are usually more receptive, others are usually more innovative, but what we can not deny is that the era of digital transformation in the oil industry is unstoppable.

Conclusion and considerations

Innovation in the oil industry has led us to the implementation of the digital field, to this we must also add an element called "engineering 4.0" which is the linking of the oil industry with the various forms of digitalization, including artificial intelligence.

This environment pushes the oil industry and its workers to innovate based on efficiency and resource optimization in benefit of lowering production costs.


Artificial intelligence had long crept into the oil industry. However, it is taking over a large part of the sector. Not withstanding, it is a good thing as production would be optimized and even more efficient.

Digitization has its application in all specializations of the oil industry from exploration to exploitation of petroleum resources. It is applicable in seismic surveys, well logging and wireline logging. Then in reservoir engineering, it is used for several reasons such as tubing rate optimization (PROSPER or PIPESIM), simulation processes,etc.

So, digitization will be unstoppable in the oil sector even though it could pose threats to humans.

Excellent your approach to digitization friend @tomlee, note that certainly has its application also in other areas more expensive than the field engineering, which makes the digitization an unstoppable element as far as its imminent incorporation is concerned. Greetings and thanks for giving us your valuable commentary

It was definitely worth reading..

I think all industries will be digitalized and automated in great extent in some years, or 1-2 decades.

Certainly as you say, it is important to be aware of these changes and their possible adaptations. Greetings @deathcross and thank you for your comments and contributions to this publication

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Thanks for sharing this amazing piece, now I know what a digital reservoir is.

Hi honey, glad you liked the article. Greetings

Great review Carlos.

This digital environment allows us to execute the same tasks that field trips can execute, with the difference and benefit that can be done from a site that supervises these activities in real time.

Does this type of technology exist in the Venezuelan oil industry?
That is, is it possible to make virtual field visits?

Thanks for sharing.

Hello my dear friend @juanmolina. Of course, in our country automated systems are executed to carry out certain operational controls, especially at the production level.

Where I would really like to see more progress in this digitalization process is in the well drilling activities, since that is where I have my greatest knowledge, let's wait and see how all this digital vanguard process evolves to observe the processes in the drilling area. Greetings and thanks for sharing your concerns in this post.

I loved this post!
Congrats Carlos.

This environment pushes the oil industry and its workers to innovate based on efficiency and resource optimization in benefit of lowering production costs.

Oil is the major source of energy in the world currently and utilizing newer technologies to increase benefit while lowering production costs is a great plus. Amazing writing.

Technology in this case is the salvation of humanity, only we are not knowing how to use it in the real interests of the people. Hydrocarbons are an essential source of energy, and technology should be aimed not only at optimizing processes and reducing costs, but should also contribute to making oil exploitation sustainable and sustainable over time. Very soon I will be carrying out some analyses on the existence and application of some of these technologies. Greetings and thank you for your contribution in your commentary.

Interesting Review.

Simulations help a lot to create better processes, train staff more efficiently, save time and provide greater security. They are a good contribution, what worries me is that over time the ability to do the tasks is lost by getting used to using simulations or letting the machines do our work all the time. I love AI, but I have always believed that we must be balanced, that is, use technology and continue to practice traditional methods, especially to avoid losing skills.

I went through your article quickly, but I think that logistics is key to digital reservoirs. Also, thanks, I had not heard of this term. It seems that it would be useful in some of the subject matter that I write.

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