Some countries are healing back from COVID

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We all would have known that there is a second wave of Corona affecting some of the European countries increasing the numbers drastically. There has been a second lockdown happening in some countries like Germany, the Netherlands, etc. It is very hard to see the suffering people are going through. Though that is the case in one part of the world, there has been some good news in another part of the world.



Especially to be specific, in India, the COVID situation is a little bit under the country. In the city I live in, the numbers have drastically reduced. I wouldn't comment more on the other states and cities in India but especially the situation in Chennai has improved a lot. The affected numbers have reduced to half. I personally had a very good experience from the Government hospitals than private hospitals when my family members were admitted.

Is the Vaccine ready?

I guess it would take a few more months until they announce an official vaccine. The government from the state as well as from central are very keen in coming up with vaccination but it is not fully ready yet. The situation is still the same in many countries across the world. But I heard in the news that there are some local versions of the Vaccinations and people feel better after getting those shots. But there is also other news that it also creates side effects. So we are not fully sure as to what the current status is.



The vaccine is most likely intended towards controlling new people getting infected. So this will be of great use to people who have not been exposed yet to this virus. The doctors here say that people when they get it once, develop an immune system that will prevent them from getting it again.

There are also theories stating that the virus is of different types and even if someone gets affected with one type of corona, there is a high possibility that they might get affected again with a different type of the virus. Well, it is all just theories and we don't know anything for sure yet. But the doctors here said that they have not seen any case of repetition too much in Chennai.

Medication for the affected individuals

Though we don't have proper medication anywhere in the world to treat Corona, the doctors are also doing a trial and error method. When my father was admitted to the hospital, some injections were given to him and it was also very costly. The next day I read in the news that Indian Medial Council declared that the injection shots did not have any effect on the patients and they have been advised to stop recommending that.



But locally we do have some herbal medications that help people who are affected with low intensity. People with chronic conditions or people who are aged still have some problems. The local medication given to the patients is a combination of herbal as well as allopathy and it is believed that it gives good relief in 3 to 5 days. In my case, we did home-based remedies and we would have suffered at least a minimum of 15 to 20 days with the effect of this virus.

But overall I think the world is slowly healing back. I get this confidence after seeing how the situations are in Chennai. We don't have any lockdown or any restriction as such but still, the daily numbers are very low. Maybe most of the people already got it and built an immune system.

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Hello @bala41288

I'm glad to hear that in your city things are improving, there is always a positive point in everything. Where I live things are not really getting better, in fact, they are getting worse, not only at the level of the covid and the numbers but also economically, but this is part of what this virus has brought and affected.
There is still no treatment, no cure, no safe vaccine... I find that very strange, but that is what there is.

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