Past, Present and the future

in OCDlast year

I guess this is a common thought that everyone gets. It will be great if we can have a reset button in our life to roll back things that we did not do the right way. Life is full of experiences. We don't learn everything in one short or we are not born with all the knowledge that is needed to lead a perfect life. Only with imperfections, we get to learn so many things. In that way, we have to thank the imperfect situations in our life that gave us the experience that we needed the most.


Thinking about past

When we are ready to accept that, one big regret is that we often think that things could have been better in the past. We spend most of the time in the past thinking about the past. I'm not going to blindly say that thinking about the past is of no use and we have to think about the future. But, we have to have some restrictions as to how much we should be thinking about our past. The experiences from the past are very important to create a good future. If we don't think about the past, it means that we are not learning from our mistakes and we are hesitant to recover from the mistakes we did in the past. In that way thinking about the past is good. But we shouldn't be carried away by our past so much.


The present life should not be affected because of thinking about the past. Too much thinking about the past can drain all the time we have in the present. The mistakes we did in the past are done and it is gone. There is no way that we can go to our past and change that. The big opportunity that we currently have in our hands is the present which is a gift. If we define our life well at least from now onwards, we will be able to have a good past to think about when we reach the future.

Planning for the future

The perfect planning for the future is done in the present. The life we lead today and the thoughts we have today defines and takes us to the good future. If we don't live the present in the right way, the future may not be very pleasant. Too much thinking about the future and planning for the future is also not very good. We cannot get rid of the bad circumstances in our life. With the resources we currently have in our life, we can define and create a good future for us.


We usually get thought that "we could have made it better if we have had that in our life". This is something that will keep going on and on. There is no limit to this. Based on our desire, even if we get something we desire to make our life better, there will always be something that will be missing. The pure satisfaction on what we have currently can only make us happy and let us lead a happy life. If we keep thinking about things that we don't have in our hands currently or the things that we cannot get in our life, our present life will be affected which will ultimately not give a good future to us.