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RE: What does your income from Hive represent for you? - Contest

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Hello friend @achim03, before I start with my entry I want to congratulate you for this kind of initiative that promotes user participation !

My entry:

For me, the hive represents my economic stability in the medium and long term, I am an agricultural production engineer and professor of agronomy at a Venezuelan university I am passionate about what I do, but my income is approximately 8 dollars a month, Apart from that, I carry out some additional tasks such as technical assistance, but those activities are intermittent and, given the high levels of inflation in my country, products raise their prices excessively and in certain periods those activities do not generate good dividends.

That is why within my financial strategies with hive, is to generate a large amount of profits with the crypto-money that allows some activities such as trading and to generate some profits, I am not an expert in trading I am studying and then try, then my income from the platform represents my economic base to stop what I would face in the coming months.

If I didn't have income from the beehive, I think it could cause me an emotional instability, taking into account that we are in quarantine and the technical activities of my profession have been reduced a little and not to mention the low salaries as a teacher, my goals would collapse, since, I love to socialize content and stop having this kind of platform would make me look for another alternative outside the web.

Grateful for the opportunity that this kind of initiative gives me to be able to express what this platform means to me, I believe that hope is kept alive as long as we have alternatives like these.

See you later!

Entry 7

It must be really difficult to survive on 8$ per month and I can imagine that the income from Hive makes a big difference.

Thanks a lot for sharing with us what part Hive plays in your life.