Social Distancing and Lock down because of Covid-19

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Hello Friends,

Everywhere people are talking about COVID-19 and Coronavirus and it's not just limited to talk only, in fact, it has affected people's lives worse. When I open TV news channel social media newspapers et cetera and the front pages or the news is all about Coronavirus and what is everywhere going on and what government is taking precautions measure to control the situation. I hope that I love you are also having a similar situation since this is one of the biggest problems which is worldwide affecting human life.

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The government is taking all the precaution measures to control the spread and in India Play It lockdown is going on for the last one week and it will continue for another two weeks till the 14th of April 2020. For the last 10 days, I have been working from home and it's like I am completely home locked and not at all going outside unless it's really necessary. In the last 10 days, I went outside only two times to stop at the grocery and other necessities and I am even not doing a panic buy so that everyone gets what they need.

Since there is no treatment or medicine available so the best we can do is to avoid going outside and stay at home as much as possible because this way we can maintain social distancing which is the best way to save ourselves as of now.

This is the global dashboard for coronavirus taken from and if you look at the number its so huge. Unfortunately, this number is growing continuously which is a matter of worry for all of us.
Screenshot 20200331 at 9.07.08 PM.png

Screenshot 20200331 at 9.29.31 PM.png

Screenshot 20200331 at 9.30.32 PM.png


Above is the data for India and the first case was reported on 29 Jan and now this number has gone over 1.2k.

COVID-19 has also been declared as pandemic disease and in India government has also taken some more is there to support the people in this need of time. This will affect the global economy badly because people are having an impact on their businesses and even many people are losing their jobs because of this.

Some steps by Indian Govt to support the Citizens

  • Indian government has announced three month EMI holiday all the term loan holders.
  • Few of the bank has also given this benefit to their credit cards users.
  • Govt has issued 100 crore rupees funds to support the poor families.
  • Few deadlines have been extended by 3 months which were 31 March before.

With the complete lockdown I hope it will help to control the spread however there are still few people who are not taking it seriously. I hope everywhere people take it seriously and so their best what they can do so that we can fight with it and overcome this problem.

Though things are very bad at least we are getting a good time to spend with family and can do a lot more at home to add some learning. I am going through advanced excel tutorials these days which I was thinking for long but because of time, it could not happen before. Though I work from home since I save commute time (2 hours) which I invest in myself and hope by the end of the next 2 weeks I will learn many advanced excel formulas.

So this is how I am managing my time while following social distancing. What you are doing these days? Are you doing something that you have thinking since long?

I have setup ph-fund as 20% beneficiary of this post and this way I support the project

Thank you so much.

Stay Safe

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Dear @alokkumar121

I've been seriously terrified to learn how events related to virus are unfolding in India. Luckily, you're blessed with warmer weather. Spread within warm countries seem to be much much slower.

On the other hand - your authorities had so much time to react and steadily increased measures to fight with this threat. And they seem to decide to do nothing for very long time and then introduce extreme lockdown with very short notice.

One could ask - how could people even prepare themselfs??

Yours, Piotr

It was a sudden decision taken by the govt and because of this many people are having a tough time. Those who work on daily wages, their life measurable however now state govts are helping them with food and basic necessities.

Luckily, you're blessed with warmer weather. Spread within warm countries seem to be much much slower.

Maybe the case but this year its still cold because it keeps on raining and I wish summer come soon so it all gets over.

Covid-19 pandemic disease affected more countries around the world. Especially developed countries. I heard about Italy situation from internet. People doesn't care seriously about this pandemic when corona virus started to spread. Your and our countries have reduced to spread virus via quick government decisions and anther reason is warm weather. It's destroy virus without spread.
That's not enough for stop spread virus. People need to take serious this pandemic disease and take care about themselves. Especially follow health instructions who were provided from WHO. And keep social distancing, stay home with beloved once etc...
You have protest your valuable time with keep learning. That's good enough task for future investment. Situation will be dangerous within next two weeks than now. So carefulness much important for anybody.

Absolutely my friend and #stay home is the best way as of now and I am doing it.
Italy's situation is very bad and hopes they overcome this problem soon.

It's destroy virus without spread.
That's not enough for stop spread virus. People need to take serious this pandemic disease and take care about themselves.

yes, people need to understand the seriousness and then things should come in control. Thanks.

It is truly terrifying and I fear for what might happen next in India. The lockdown period doesn't seem to be enough because after the 21 days - the virus is still there and would have spread further.

Where I am in Europe, I have a hospital close by and every few minutes I hear another ambulance go down the road. The streets are empty even though this is a large city. When I do go to the shop - people pass you with fear.

I hope you all in India can learn from what is happening elsewhere and prepare as it will get worse before it gets better.

Stay safe @alokkumar121 and thanks for sharing your post.

It is indeed a world wide thing as it has become an issue even in African nations, although we have been placed on lock down in my country, and there is no fund to help citizens survive yet.

Lockdown is the way to control community spread and many countries following it. I think Govts should do their best to help citizens this time.