My Investment Experience with Share Market

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This year in 2021 I thought of doing some investment in the stock market which I rarely did in the last few years because the market was not doing good especially during covert time it was crashed badly.

One of my friends is in the trading business off stocks and he insisted me to some stocks this year. I'm not a fan of buying this stop because I do not like their cheap returns. I had my friend for a long time but finally, I state yes and decided to put some money in one of the bank’s stocks.



It happens with me most of the time when any friend of mine keeps on pushing me for something for a long time then I just say yes because I don't want him to feel bad and this is the same case. to be honest I'm not very happy with my investment because it's not going well and the moment I purchased this stock the prices going down and down.

Here is the snapshot of my portfolio and you can see that my overall portfolio is down by more than 18% but do something make me feel bad. I'm OK with the change in the price because its market and things are about to go either up or down and I also know that it's the nature of the market. I am not new in trading because in crypto I go through the similar situation but what one thing that is pinching me is that the moment I purchased this talk it has not been doing good at all and I purchased it at a higher price it seems because my friend asked me to do that and just because I did not want him to feel bad I have gone ahead and done it


I truly understand that investment is something that should be done on our self-made decisions but two things in life we just can't say no easily.

Now since My Portfolio is already in law so I am not going to sell anything because it's my clear strategy that I do not sell out anything in loss unless there is an emergency so I am going to hold it up for a long time. maybe later if I get a better price and then I can think of selling these stocks however this amount is not so high so I'm not much worried about it.

For now, I have decided that I will not be investing any more money in stocks especially not in the banks because these banks are going through a tough time and it's quite tough for them to have some price rise on their shares.

thank you so much.


Hi @alokkumar121
No doubt the.banks are not in their best times, in fact, I think they will be worse in the future. I wouldn't bet on them, although I know it means the global crisis will be even worse. But, the world in general is like this.
I don't know anything about stocks, I must say, but what I do see is that most people who have been profitable in buying stocks do it for the long term.

Long-term strategy with stocks is certainly needed. thank my friend.

As per my thinking indian share market is like for long term investment if we keep our funds for long term we will definitely gain and come out if profit.

this could be one of the cases I believe. thanks

I have no experience with shares market. Maybe because I am too afraid.

I did some investment in stock market and its also not less volatile than crypto I think. its good to stay away because companies do lots of manipulation here as well.