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Sooner or later when you join a social media platform like Hive, you will want to create your own posts. But what will you write about? What could be interesting for others? Do I write well enough? How will my post become a piece of art?

These are the questions that hunt us all. Before providing any answer, I would like to start with a little anecdote:

During my time at University, I had a part time job in a small office. My boss had a doctorate in Media sciences and he was giving speeches and workshops in many different places. He specialised in investment funds and retirement solutions. When I started this job, he asked me to write newspaper articles in his name about the topic... My first reaction was „ but I don't know anything about this...“. He simply answered, you don't need to know anything to write a good article. If you study only a couple of minutes a certain subject, you will know more than 90% of the population.

If you read one book on a certain topic, you are already more qualified than 90% of all the other people out there...

He selected a couple of newspaper or magazine articles on a certain topic and I had to read them and then on this basis create a new article in my own words. I've written about 10 articles about investment funds and the retirement system in Switzerland. They were all published in a very renowned financial newspaper. I even once made it on the title page with my article... This little job and these newspaper articles finally allowed me to get a job in a bank...

You are more qualified than you think...

The thing is, you don't need to be qualified in any way to be a specialist... You don't even need to research something before you write about it. Just write about what you are interested in and your experiences. Without realizing it, you are a specialist in that field already !

An example:
If you have signed up with a certain website and you have tried out the service. You have more knowledge about this website than all the people who have not signed up yet! All these people are less qualified than you and they would profit from learning from your experience.

Another example:
You watched a youtube video how to bake bread. Again you have an edge in respect to all the people who haven't watched the video and don't know how to bake bread. They would all love to listen to your experience.

So what should you write about?

Write about anything that you want! Just ask yourself the following question:
Is there somebody who could profit from the knowledge I share in my post?
If the answer is yes, write your post!

Should my post be a piece of art?

When you start writing articles, you are doing something that might be quite new for you. You should consider yourself as a beginner and do the best you can without spending hours and hours on a post. The more you write, the better you will get and the better your posts will be. Don't put the expectations too high, you need to learn and improve.

So no, your post shouldn't be a piece of art, it should simply be your message to the world..

3 recommendations for a successful post

Make sure that you use your own voice

When you write something you have to speak with your own words, your own sentences and your own ideas. Don't copy other people and especially don't copy other people's content.

Always remember that you are writing your post for people and that they want to be entertained and learn something. Make your posts fun and interesting to read. Avoid to sound like a dictionary!

Your title and your post picture are the billboard of your post

The choice of the title for your post and the image that you use are the things that most people will see when they scroll through their feed. You have very little time to catch the readers attention so make sure that you use them wisely.

In my experience it can be a good idea to write your title on the post picture. Some people only look at the pictures. If they learn what your post is about and if the title is catchy, they might have a look at your post.

How to choose a good title?

I always first write my post and then choose the title for it. I often write down several ideas and then I choose among them. I always choose the one that generates most curiosity in me. Remember your title doesn't have to describe your content. The title should invite people to click on your post and read it...

Make your post interesting for the eye

Why do newspapers use subtitles, images and graphics to illustrate their content? They know that walls of text repulse most readers. This is true also for Hive posts.

To make your text interesting, you need to set subtitles so that a reader can go through your post just by reading these subtitles. He can then jump to the section that interests him. By the way, most readers only read a part of a blog post...

  • Put some air between your paragraphs.
  • Use quotes if you want to inject an idea that doesn't fit anywhere or when you quote somebody else.
  • Use tables.
  • Use images to illustrate what you write about.
  • Use dashes when you enumerate something.

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WOW! I will just say... This post is a piece of art!

You have listed so many great tips for everyone that wants to start with writing blog posts! I agree with every single one...

Is there somebody who could profit from the knowledge I share in my post?

This one hit me personally... Sometimes, I create a bit of "delicate" blog posts... Let me explain... I got an idea, record the video expressing my view about a certain topic... But, that topic can be "delicate" and after I have second thoughts about publishing it or not...

It happened a couple of times, and I have asked a friend should I publish it or not, and the response was exactly what you said... "If it will be helpful for someone, do it!"... and that "someone", I literally translate to just ONE person... If it helps just 1 person, my mission is accomplished!

So, people... Don't be afraid to express your opinions in your blog posts!

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You are totally right to break this down like that. If your post can help at least one person, then it is already worth writing it.

I would go even further. It is even worth writing it if this one person whom it helps is the author itself... Sometimes writing down something can be a kind of therapy to get some suppressed emotions out.

Thanks a lot for your amazing comment!

You got the point there... As I'm doing first the recording, I count that as a therapy... :) I usually have doubts about publishing when I re-watch the recordings and start to write around it...

So, if I publish it, does it count as double-therapy? 😂

So, if I publish it, does it count as double-therapy? 😂

Of course and it's free therapy... no wait... you might even get some money for it ! 🤣

The other day I went for a walk in the forest and I wanted to make a video. I filmed 3 times and each time I had to erase it because when I watched the video afterwards I wasn't making too much sense in the video. When I wanted to do the fourth video, my battery was down... lol... This was also a kind of Thereapy: How to stay Zen when you want to throw your phone against a tree 😅

hahahaha... You have to do 3 videos to get a free ZEN therapy... :)

I know that my videos aren't perfect... and I miss a lot of stuff, but I don't bother too much with that... rather write bigger post around the video and fix the issue...

Love the book quote. I have been thinking about avatars. In terms of a message to the world, an avatar can be like a fashion statement, family crest, street art, and/or medals and badges.

Neat guide. Ty for the Lbry link. Just joined. Waiting verification.
Here is a link to a video I just uploaded.

I did not condense it, so may load slow. Will look into that.

Send me a link to yours

BTW did you consider linking to a markup language chart? Came to me when I read 'adding space between paragraphs'

You should just have gotten your first view on Lbry ;-). I think resolution is a bit too big but otherwise nice Ocean view :-)

My Lbry channel:

BTW did you consider linking to a markup language chart? Came to me when I read 'adding space between paragraphs'

That's a good idea. Here is the link to a good markup guide:

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Nice, Hive on Lbry
RE: The big push towards my Hive goals

Don't put yourself under pressure to reach your goals!

Tougher than it seems.

I really like your "Just Do It" approach. I really enjoyed reading your article. You have been upvoted and resteemed to my blog. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back and also for the resteem! I appreciate!

@achim03 I agree with all the points. If the articulation is good you will be getting success every were.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and your comment!

Very good recommendations and a very useful guide. As usual your posts are works of art!

You flatter me my friend ;-). Thanks a lot for your comment!

nice article. Very clear cut instructions on how to do it.
I also like the quote -
If you read one book on a certain topic, you are already more qualified than 90% of all the other people out there...
Thank you for sharing.
I will reblog it & later share it on twitter

Thanks a lot for your fed-back and the reblog. I appreciate :-)

Your post is a #massivesuccess ! You are getting rehived plus you get a bonus by connecting with me on telegram @robgehring

Hi @ghcamry,
Thanks a lot for your kind comment and the rehive! I'm not often on Telegram. If I once get there I will join your channel ;-)

Awesome, looking forward to it.

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