What does your income from Hive represent for you? - Contest

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It's about time for a new contest on the Hive blockchain!

Who can take part?

The participation is open to everybody who has an account on Hive.

What is this contest about?

We want to encourage creativity and interaction on the Hive blockchain. In this contest you are asked to answer the following question:

What does your income from Hive represent for you? How does it affect your financial situation?

We are looking for interesting and creative answers. Share your personal story with us!

How do you take part?

To take part in the challenge, you need to write a comment under this post that starts with:

My entry:

The following rules have to be observed:

  • The comment has to be in English
  • Only one entry per account
  • Between 20 and 300 words
  • No external posts – only comments to this post will be accepted
  • The comment has to be posted before August 22th, 12 am CET

How are the winners defined ?

Among all the valid entries, we will select the 10 that we consider to be the most beautiful stories. These will be the winners of this contest.

The prices!

The 10 winners will each get an upvote with 100'000 HP by @project.hope (worth around 1.6 USD each)

Until when can you take part?

Entries can be written until August 22th, 12am CET. The winners will be presented in a second post.

Good luck to everybody !

The sponsor of this contest: Project.hope

This contest is sponsored by @project.hope. A big thanks to @crypto.piotr who runs @project.hope. Project.hope is a very dynamic community where people can post content about the following topics:

  • technology,
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  • gaming (on blockchain)
  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing,
  • psychology, social media etc.

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What my income from Hive represent for me by @Uyobong
It is interesting to share personal experiences and testimonials concerning my journeying on the Hive blockchain and the earnings, Thanks to @achim03 for thinking this and kudos to the leadership of the @Project.hope community for sponsoring it.

My entry:

I had used the internet for about 15 years before joining Steem about 30 months ago. I had also engaged social platforms for about 10 years before Steem, yet, it was "tale" that one could earn from socializing until my journey on Steem began on January 24, 2018 which later metamorphosed to Hive in March 2020.

Yesterday, I had shared in this post that I have earned 8,096 HIVE so far according to Hivestats and that culminates to over $2,000. Earning that much from a socialmedia means a whole lot to me. I wish to enlist as below:

  • My Hive earnings presently contributes about 30% to my total monthly income.
  • I have used Hive earnings to fix and buy new gadgets for my Training Hub as well as personal gadgets like Phones.
  • I have used Hive earnings to sponsor others in academics and skills acquisition.
  • I have used Hive earnings for personal knowledge development.
  • I have used Hive earnings to boost my cryptocurrency investments.
  • I am building a charity foundation @Hiveaid with my Hive earnings which would give succor to humanity in areas of education, health, environmental protection and skills acquisition.

It's really been a good thing to be a part of this blockchain and earning here.

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Entry 1

Thanks a lot for taking part and sharing your story. It's quite impressive what you have reached so far and how you are using your Hive earnings!

Yeah, it's interesting to always look back to see how best one was able to maximize his time and opportunities.

Hello @achim03.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the project community for giving me the opportunity to express my ideas and experiences within the platform.

My entry

What does your income from Hive represent for you?

My financial income from my hive activity is currently a blessing, and when I say a blessing I don't say it just to say it, maybe at first when I started in this ecosystem I heard people say that the proceeds from the interaction that is done here represent a whole, and I honestly found that way of thinking exaggerated.

However I continue to publish and for today I join those kind of people who say that this ecosystem represents a whole, thanks to the income that derives from hive I can cover the food expenses of my whole family, and that would be a lot to say that here in my country as a university professor what I earn is about 3 to 4 dollars per month , which is what I can do with a single hive post, that's to get an idea of how important this revenue is to me from my activity as a content generator.

It doesn't end there, the hive income also represents my dreams of being able to get a house of my own and being able to repair my car, which due to the economic crisis in my country I have not been able to fix it and I have been damaged for about two years. As many know the cryptocurrency is fluctuating, today it has an average price of 0.25 to 0.26 dollars for each hive, however I am hopeful that the price rise of Bitcoin will raise the price of the hive and be able to have these funds not only to buy a house and to be able to repair my car, but also to be able to have the possibility to set up my own business and be independent financially speaking.

Unfortunately in my country there are people dying to not have enough monetary funds to cover their food expenses, so being able to say that my family and I can feed on what I perceive for my work on this platform represents such a great blessing I think it is one of the most important things in my life and I thank God for that.

How does it affect my financial situation?

Well I think with the above it is very clear that the financial funds that I perceive the product of the generation of hive content have a positive impact on my finances, if it were not for hive I might have had to leave my homeland looking for new horizons, but thank God with what I perceive here I can continue with my family , contributing my knowledge within the platform and being rewarded for it, without a doubt that the affectation is totally and fully positive, and I hope with faith in God that it will continue to be so.

Entry 5

Thank you so much for telling your story and taking part in this contest! I believe it's an amazing thing that your earning can open make it possible for you to set up your own business. Would it be an online business?

Hello @achim03.

I think I would like a different business from the online one, here in my country there are not many options but within the possibilities there are I would like a business to sell fast food.

Hello friend @achim03, before I start with my entry I want to congratulate you for this kind of initiative that promotes user participation !

My entry:

For me, the hive represents my economic stability in the medium and long term, I am an agricultural production engineer and professor of agronomy at a Venezuelan university I am passionate about what I do, but my income is approximately 8 dollars a month, Apart from that, I carry out some additional tasks such as technical assistance, but those activities are intermittent and, given the high levels of inflation in my country, products raise their prices excessively and in certain periods those activities do not generate good dividends.

That is why within my financial strategies with hive, is to generate a large amount of profits with the crypto-money that allows some activities such as trading and to generate some profits, I am not an expert in trading I am studying and then try, then my income from the platform represents my economic base to stop what I would face in the coming months.

If I didn't have income from the beehive, I think it could cause me an emotional instability, taking into account that we are in quarantine and the technical activities of my profession have been reduced a little and not to mention the low salaries as a teacher, my goals would collapse, since, I love to socialize content and stop having this kind of platform would make me look for another alternative outside the web.

Grateful for the opportunity that this kind of initiative gives me to be able to express what this platform means to me, I believe that hope is kept alive as long as we have alternatives like these.

See you later!

Entry 7

It must be really difficult to survive on 8$ per month and I can imagine that the income from Hive makes a big difference.

Thanks a lot for sharing with us what part Hive plays in your life.

My entry:

What does your income from Hive represent for you?

One of my biggest motivations to keep saving all the rewards I can earn here at Hive is to use some of the money to do an English exchange abroad (because learning English in Brazil will not give me the fluency and knowledge I want and I try to have about this language).

In addition, I also think about someday opening my own business (I still don't know exactly what it will be, but I don't want to have a boss anymore... I want to be the boss) and being able to help my family (something that I really wanna - in a better way - someday).

However, I think the main focus is the appreciation of the dollar against the real (which is the currency of my country) which is currently worth five and a half times more than than the currency (yes, you read it right... 5x more).

As you can see, making money here at Hive means a substantial gain for me and at the same time, it represents the possibility of me making some of my biggest dreams come true.


Entry 10

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas and projects. That sounds quite interesting.

You are a big late for the entry but you will get an upvote all the same :-)

Hi @achim03

Thanks for this nice initiative.

My entry-
I believe in HIVE as I have never powered down and not withdrawing anything because I am working to build large HP. I have long term vision on Hive and I dont need to sell Hive to manage my expenses. I started with Hive as the second source of income but with the passage of time My goal was slightly shifted and now I am focused to build 20k Hp by this year-end and 50k HP in the next 3 years. I know that its not easy but its my goal on which I am completely focused. I have no plan to withdraw anything for any general expenses as I am earning good to manage it all and Hive earning is going to be here for long. I want my vote value to be significant and I also hope many hivers have long term goals here on the hive.

Thank you.

Entry 9

Thanks a lot for sharing your story with us. You have gone far already and you plan to go even further. Thats just great!

Thank you for taking part in this contest!

This is a nice initiative and I suggest you to tag the people who participated because this way people wont miss it. Thanks.

Great suggestion. Thanks you!

My entry

As of now because of this pandemic many things changes. It's hard to find the money for food these days. Thanks to my earnings in hive it helps me to provide my needs, of course, food.

For you to know I'm still trapped in a place far from home. I'm renting a boarding house and food should be the basic needs. By keep on posting even though it's just a little. I managed to withdraw hive weekly for a weekly food allowance. Sometimes my family send me money but I don't want to rely on them since they have problems with money because of our situation right now.

Hive maybe is not a job where we can be assured that we can earn consistently. I still rely on it because as of now for me. It's the only way where I can have food.

Not to mention when I was on st***. Thanks to the friends I met that I paid my tuition fees. So this kind of platform is a blessing to me. Not just money but also friends.

Entry 6

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. It's great to see that Hive can help you to cover your basic needs.

Hi! @achim03 ,

For me, I just want my Hive to be into my wallet. I have never cashed out and I'm not thinking of it at the moment. The more Hive I earn will be reserved and will be used here for voting in future :) unless we see 1 hive at $1 haha!

Entry 8

That's an interesting approach as well. In a way you look at Hive as a kind of capital that might be useful in the future.

Thanks for taking part!

You're most welcome :)

What does your income from Hive represent to you? How does it affect your financial situation?
Greetings to the entire community, thanks for this initiative to be able to express gratitude to the Hive blockchain because it has really helped me to cover part of my family's expenses, such as food and even medicine, recently for me. Daughter had the Helicobacter detector and required a treatment of 50 $ approximately 200 Hive, thank God I am active in this beautiful platform and I was able to buy my daughter's medicines, because I am a teacher whose salary here in my country Venezuela is very low. I was also able to solve a situation with my mobile phone which was damaged because it was quite obsolete equipment and I bought a phone with $ 80 with hive obtained from the rewards of my publications. Hive means for me as my second job since we are in our forties and I dedicate a lot of time to publish quality content. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for sharing how your Hive earnings are helping to support your family.

Greetings thanks to you for this contest that promotes hive

Entry 2

My entry: I thought that we have to start our comment like this, but maybe I'm wrong.... :)

What does your income from Hive represent for you? How does it affect your financial situation?

At the moment, I do not withdraw any of my Hive earnings, as I want to build my Hive Power, which I want to use for upvoting other good posts... Also, I like to encourage others to create and engage in this network as it has enormous potential that we can use for everyone's benefit!

It doesn't affect too much on my financial situation at the moment, but I hope that it will in a couple of years... On the other side, I would like to build my upvote and voice to be more significant, that it can help others and affect their lives, too!

Entry 4

I have a very similar approach. It is a great way to save money and have an alternative for fiat. In addition to that it's great to have a lot of Hive Power to help others.

Thanks a lot for taking part my friend. I really appreciate!

It is my pleasure to participate... I had a couple of crazy days lately, but I managed to not forget... lol...

What does your income from Hive represent for you?

Honestly? That putting work, time and effort into posts is time wasting. I stopped posting on the Hive blockchain 2 months ago (I posted my latest post on 2020.06.03). The real human comments was rare, and I earned a few cents with my posts, no matter what I have done, what I have tried. It is not worth it. Nowadays I am not really using the Hive blockchain, with the exception of the Steem Monsters/Splinterlands game.

Dear @xplosive, @achim03

Im starting to have an impression, that your only reason to be present on steemit/hive is to complain about lack of engagement and lack of rewards.

I've been seeing many of your posts complaining about it. And when I invited you to our community (I did it twice) - you are the one who NEVER bothered to reply and didn't act on it.

I sometimes wonder what is your agenda. Always constantly "attacking" those 2 blockchains with never-ending complains.

Regards, Piotr

Those are old posts. I did not even posted anything in the recent past.
I may try starting posting again. Mostly in the Project Hope community. The upvote I received on my comment above feels encouraging. I do not want to complain, nor "attack" anyone or anything. I just/only wrote my personal experiences about these 2 blockchains.

Hi @xplosive

Consider joining our PH community discord server: https://discord.gg/uWMJTaW

I will gladly introduce you to our community goals and vision so you could see if this is something worth your time and attention.

Cheers, Piotr

Entry 3

Thanks a lot for taking part in this. I'm sorry content creation doesn't work for you but hey we still have splinterlands :-). For me splinterlands represents a big chunk of my income on Hive.

We need more conversations like this. Not all the people on Hive are able to just #hodl. Some literally put food on the table with what they earn here on Hive. !tip

If you are looking to join a great interactive & supportive #HIVE community on discord that not only welcomes ALL content genres but isn't just a massive sea of spammers and plagiarists... then come and join us in the Power House Creatives Server

Thanks a lot for your comment and the tip!

My pleasure :)

I fully agree with you @jaynie

If you would ever plan to launch your own contest or know someone who does, then I would gladly "sponsor it" the way we did it here. By allocating some solid upvotes from @project.hope to most valuable comments.

ps. I hope we can put our past behind (you used to dislike me for my mass memos) and instead find ways of collaborating to bring more value to HIVE blockchain.

Yours, Piotr

Dear @achim03
This is a very interesting post
Though it is past the deadline and I may not be eligible
however I strongly stand in support of @project.hope and all the wonderful content that you so painstakingly create.
Every word, paragraph and the though behind it is very valuable to me.
My tiny vote does not do justice to the value it represents for me.
So I write my entry not expecting any upvote but to stand in support of your creativity and @Project.hope and dear @crypto.piotr who has faced so many challenges to shape the community the way it is.
My entry: My income represents the right to put bread on the table with self respect.
My goal is to be able to live off from my earnings on the blockchain.
So I work to increase it every day.
In the current scenario this is the go to place for me to earn something with self respect, peace of mind and without exposing myself to the contagion.
I could say my mid term goal is to get a new laptop($650-700) to replace the current one which had been giving me trouble.So I would like to save enough to get a new one.
Covid19 has made me realize the ultimately truth that life is finite so I have to to give as much back as I can to the community before I have to go.
So I try to share skill & knowledge back with the community.
My income also represents the earning of satisfaction that I could share knowledge and skills and it is satisfying to know that by doing the revenue share with the ph-fund I am able give back something to the community which makes me feels I am amongst friends.

good luck to you dear @achim03
keep creating the good work
best wishes

Thanks a lot for sharing what the hive income represents for you. It's true that the earnings that we generate on this platform are the product of a meaningful activity.
Unfortunately I can't provide an upvote from project.hope because all prices have already been distributed.

It is perfectly fine dear @achim03 my entry is more an act of support for the initiative you have taken so when anyone looks at the interactions your post generated it would show as an additional comment or two (my contribution )
Take care my friend
Enjoy your Sunday

Hive NEEDS THIS. Hive NEEDS TO HEAR THE VOICES OF ITS COMMUNITY as decisions are being made about Hive's future.

I encourage everyone who reads this to REBLOG this, and to read the Chain News feed every day and SPEAK UP LOUDLY when you see people wanting to remove content rewards and other things that will hurt REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY.

Thank you so much for your comment and for this amazing tip. It's greatly appreciated. It's true we shouldn't forget about all the people for whom Hive is more than just a platform. For many it's the place that puts food on their plates. I believe we need everybody on this platform.

Maybe today these people manage to buy food with hive. Maybe tomorrow they can put some of the Hive aside and maybe some times later they can become a dolphin or an orca and help the people around them....

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I'm totally in and soon I will write my post.

Thanks for your comment. I'm looking forward to reading your entry!


share link with me once you do it , ok @wiseagent?


Dear @achim03

Finally I've found some time to catch up and read few previously bookmarked posts.

I believe that most people think of earnings on hive and steem in form of "money". I see it as a token which holds a value and it's allowing me to build my influence on both platforms.

I'm not going to compete with other amazing comments here. So allow me to read some of them and wish you great weekend ahead,
Yours, Piotr