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RE: Experiencing the new normal.

in Project HOPE10 months ago

Hi @wiseagent,
Thanks for posting within @project.hope. I'm lucky to live in Switzerland, where we are already behind the first wave of the virus and life has become almost normal again.

I believe that it is a challenging situation for every human being on this planet. We are in this together and unfortunately there are still many that see complots and conspiration in the measures that we have to take to face the situation.
Every country tries the best way to avoid the spread. Not everything makes sense but I believe that we should accept that we have to work together to overcome this crisis.


Hi, @achim03.

I have read that Switzerland is doing exemplary work to overcome this problem ... Unfortunately, something quite different from what Brazil (the country where I live) is doing.

My country has managed the crisis quite well and we didn't have a complete lockdown. However it's much easier to manage a small rich country like this than a huge country like Brasil. Hope you will get through this soon...