Could you earn more curation rewards?

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Before you can answer this question, the first step to undertake is to actually know how much curation rewards you generate with your account. Thanks to this has become a very easy thing to do.

Copy the url below and put your own account name into it.

Paste this url in your browser and your stats will be loading. Within seconds you will see your current curation APR. This is the return on your staked Hive Power calculated in one year.

If you just powered up or you gave/got a delegation the numbers might be showing a wrong reality.

curation rewards.png
The stats for my account @happyvoter, source:

How to read these results?

If your APR is lower than 8%, these could be the reasons:

  • You don't have more than 100 Hive Power, your upvotes don't pass the threshold and you won't get curation rewards.
  • You have more than 100 Hive Power but you tend to split your upvotes into smaller percentage votes. If you have 200 Hive Power, you need to give at least a 50% upvote so that you get curation rewards. Don't split your votes too much!
  • Maybe you forget to vote? You can vote 10 times with 100% every day. If your voting mana stays long at 100%, you miss out some votes and some income. If you don't have time to place upvotes manually, follow a curation trail that places the votes for you! You can use the tool to follow curation trails or to place automated upvotes.
  • Make sure that you don't vote on posts that are older than 6 days. Votes cast after the 6th day don't count. Only downvotes count during the last day.

If your APR is over 8%:

You are doing everything correctly, well done!

If your APR is above 14%:

  • You are a curation champion. Probably your upvotes are set automatically and you place them between 4 and 5 minutes after publication.
  • Ideally your vote is placed before other votes of more powerful accounts. This will make your vote more valuable in terms of curation rewards.

My 3 recommendations to increase your curation rewards

  1. You need to have a minimum of 100 Hive Power on your account. With 200 HP, you can already reach high APR. If you want to grow your account quickly, it might be a good idea to use tribes for it.

  2. Make sure when you vote with less than 100% that your vote is worth at least 100 HP (for example 50% with 200 HP = 100 HP). Smaller votes don't generate curation rewards.

  3. Each time you cast a vote, your voting mana goes down. Your voting mana is regenerating over time so that you can cast 10 upvotes at 100% per day. Try to cast your votes in a manner so that your voting mana always stays above 80% or even better 90%.

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Great post , Achim! Very helpful tips that I really didn't know or understand. I have reblogged this for future reference!

Thank you very much for your comment and the reblog. I'm happy you find it useful ;-)

Gee, what a great information, the truth is very useful and I thank you for teach me something I didn't know

I'm happy you learned somthing new! Thanks a lot for your comment!

My curation level is 12.2 APR!

12.2 APR is very good I believe. If you upvote posts manually you loose a percentage or two. On the other hand you can use these votes to build relationships... In the long term this is even more important I think.

I prefer to do my curation manually and interact with contents that interest me.

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Thank you very much for the reblog!

I definetly give 100% upvote daily ..
And it's start from your post...
Thanks for sharing great information buddy..

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Great post, I reblogged it!

Thanks a lot for the reblog and the comment!

Awesome stuff, Achim! A must-read for all the Hivers, not just newcomers! I'm around 10%, but I know the reason, so I'm OK with it... :)

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Thanks a lot for your comment my friend. 10% is quite ok I believe, the financial return is only one aspect of the way you use your votes. In the long term the social aspect is even more important I believe.

Good post. I have shared the post on twitter.
My first goal is 50 hive.
Also building in CTP tribe

Thanks a lot for sharing the post! 50 Hive is a good first goal. The first 100 Hive are by far the most difficult to achieve. Especially because you don't earn curation rewards. It's a good idea to build tribe tokens first. It's easier to collect them at the begining. The Hive tokens will come by themselves ;-)

The post is fantastic for new folks like myself.
I was voting within the first 5 minutes whenever possible (thought it was a good thing)
Also was not voting 100 as I did not want to run out (did that before)

and curation apr? no idea what it meant or how to improve a crappy number.
Thank you.

Off to improve that score.

Hi thanks a lot for your comment. When we vote within the first 5 minutes a big part of our vote will go into the authors pie. This means that you will get 0 curation rewards when you vote within the first 3 minutes. You will get a little bit between 3 and 4 minutes. The maximum is around 4 and 5 minutes.

Hope you will see this number improve ;-)

Thanks for the tips, I 'll check my small power Is my APR under 8% or no

Hi lebah, thanks a lot for stopping by.

Looks like the right strategy, vell explained for the newbies.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment!

such a wonderful article on APR. This is what every new curator need to read. Well my APR is 16.7% and i have never checked it before this post. Reblogged ☻

16.7% APR is really amazing! Thanks a lot for your feed-back and the reblog!

Great post Achim, and really great advice for how to earn more from curation, last I checked I was over 10% at least, and earning over 2 Hive per day on most days, stay awesome.

Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back and the reblog! It's quite nice to make 2 Hive per day just from upvoting other people ;-)

Dear @achim03

Another interesting piece. Solid read. is indeed very useful. I wonder what is the highest APR you've ever seen? Im my opinion noone does better than @gerber with his >20% APR.

Upvoted already :)
Enjoy your Monday, Piotr

Thanks a lot for stoping by! I haven't seen anything above 20% APR. His algorithm seems to be working fine ;-)

Great tips and easy to understand!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/4)

Thanks a lot for the Tipu tip!

I am doing good aswell :p


That's quite an amazing APR you got there! Thanks a lot for stopping by!

I have 2000 HP . I currently have put it to lease because I amn't active. I am planning to be active from next month. What do you suggest? Curating myself or leasing in dlease for over 10 APR?

With 2000 HP you have the choice to either delegate your tokens over dlease or you can try to curate yourself. If you don't want to spend too much time with curation, dlease is certainly the better option :-).

Hello friend, great post.

Thank you for recommending this tool and providing these helpful tips to everyone.

Thanks a lot for stopping by! is really a great tool.