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  1. I want to be able to use SteemPeak (as it is/will be) on Hive. (Though in an ideal situation, those who wish to run on Steem would be able to do that as well - like a on/off switch.)
  2. I like that Hive won't be SteemTron anymore. Steem was good. SteemTron is scary.
  3. I love the Steempeak front-end. I love having my templates, my scheduler and all the other wonderful features you've developed over the months. I plan to stay on this front end (whether it's called Steempeak or anything else) until I'm no longer able/willing to blog on the blockchains.
  4. Dpeak is my favorite. Peaksocial is my second. Peakd sounds like a has-been.
  5. Hive
  6. I just want to see a smooth transition with people able/willing to fix problems as they arise (as is usual for you guys!)

Great ideas Lori!

Thanks! Good to hear from you!

How have you been doing?

Well enough. Snow tonight again.
How about you?

I’m fucking scared is what but I keep it in check!
Cool as a cute over here!

Boost your immune system and hope for the best. That's what I tell my hubby who is also shaking in his boots about this. And remember the vast majority of cases are mild - just like regular flu.

My main worry is that my son will be prevented from flying to see us in May... from the UK. (So he can't exactly drive instead.) Or maybe that worry gets me past any other worries...