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It's no secret we have wanted to re-brand... For a while now.
Myself (@jarvie) and @asgarth have thought about it for well over a year.


I will share why we've wanted to rebrand and how the @hiveio news impacts this... but most of all we'd like to hear our users' thoughts on recent happenings.

But first...


The aim of our site/s is to be a place for content creators to share their work and to provide those users with lots of amazing features... including and in particular decentralized feature-sets.

The entry point for your decentralized world

We are working towards creating a place for full time content creators. Where users with large followings (sometimes millions) will want to bring their audience. We still have more features to come before we start bringing those types in. However in preparation we knew we'd want to have a name that works for a larger audience.


We want to operate in as much of decentralized environment as possible. That isn't just an economic thing... it relates to developers and extends to governance of course.

We as a community don't seem to have a confident understanding of what @justinsunsteemit has in mind with his heavily centralized access to tens of millions of tokens. Or what his view is on decentralization and blockchain operating principles.
p.s. Thanks @theycallmedan for the initiative to get users to write about: "What decentralization means to me"... We would have loved to see @justinsunsteemit respond to that post. But love seeing the rest of you write your own posts.

To me/us decentralization has a lot to do with dependencies and getting rid of dependencies that make our platform or YOUR experience too... well... "dependent" on the actions of others. It seems there is always impact by others but what decentralization seeks for is to limit it as best as it can. In many areas: like developers, decision makers, voters, economics and much more.


Let's put it this way even if @hiveio hadn't been announced we would still be re-branding. Not just for the reasons above but because we are going to work with many chains.

You may be happy to know we have plans to support feature sets from other chains and even find ways to make other crypto communities excited about our platform.

Tipping in many currencies, Connecting accounts, App communities, Patreon Like features, Token information on our wallet page for other tokens... just to name a few things.


"Steem" has always been hard word for non-steem fans. I feel like I've said this more than a few times to friends: "Steem with two EEs and not the gaming platform" (repeated a hundred times). A tiny fraction of our future user-base will know what Steem is (Or what Hive is) and so the URL will be even more confusing the more non blockchain users we bring to the site.



We are not going to make a site called "" but we are indeed planning on Supporting the Hive chain. (Check our list of name finalists)

It is true, we have made assumptions... we assumed our users would want to use an interface based on Hive. So we have been proceeding on that. BUT... tell us... do you want this?

Let's take it a step back and have an up front question: Do you want an interface that operates on Hive?

How do you feel about Hive?
So far there have been many requests of us since the announcement yesterday. But give us your honest desire. We will do our best to make sure your comment is respected so that you can feel comfortable giving it on this particular post. We have seen that most of the app operators that we work with are moving and are happy to support our present needs for 3rd party integrations. (Yes we still have dependencies)
We are not even fully certain if staying on Steem will even be an option if we're being honest with you, you'll see below that there are certain things we need.

Getting a Hive based site up and running presents a lot of challenges specially in a short period of time (Friday) but we are focused and lots of other developers and projects are working round the clock to get systems running in time for us.

Just between us expect things to be a "Work in Progress" even by Friday.


  • We depend on a good API (One that also runs hivemind)
  • We have our own signing method with PeakLock however many of you would feel more comfortable with Keychain or SteemConnect... so those need to happen.
  • Users who have used SteemPeak to upload pictures shouldn't be effected but how will users who used Steemit in the past be impacted with images? The URLs should still work ... but for how long?

There are people working on all these issues and more.

So the focus will be getting things running and we know it will get completed bit by bit... there will be things we miss but you know us... you know that you can give us some feedback and we'll get to those things ASAP.


Another PeakProject is @peakmonsters... basically that has to run on whatever chain that @splinterlands decides. No decision making from us on that... we will go where they go and when they go.

WHAT HAPPENS TO STEEMPEAK.COM? the URL will NOT run HIVE. It just doesn't make sense to run a site called STEEMpeak on a chain called HIVE.

Yes... We will continue to operate
Now the question for you all is "WILL YOU USE STEEMPEAK.COM?"
And if so why? Also will there be enough 3rd party support to keep it running. And for how long do you need access... we recognize all of our users are about to be holders of STEEM tokens and HIVE tokens and need a wallet interface for both.

If there isn't high demand or a lack of backend support for then we will of course re-evaluate. Again feel free to share your opinions and we'll make this post a place you won't get attacked in the comments for saying you want to continue to use steem.


We have asked our users on DISCORD for name suggestions for about 13 days. I feel like it has prepared them for what's coming and maybe has been fun for them to make suggestions. We expressed our interest in retaining PEAK in our name but we haven't been tied to it... however we have several great options for PEAK.

We have also done a bunch of polling OUTSIDE of Steem users.
We feel like we have a solid name option that we're proceeding with.
BUT... again we don't want to assume to much so there's still the chance of changing and we'd like your feedback. But we think there is likely to be a pretty good consensus.
... so let us know which TWO options you'd go with and we'll see.

Here's what our poll looked like that we've done.



We are looking forward to the time when we start our marketing programs and focus on full time content creators and their users.
However, We want our present users to be happy about this switch as well.

Let us know... and feel confident that just like the last 2 years of never ending and totally consistent Updates we have so much up our sleeves you should be very excited about. All that and we haven't even started our marketing plans. (Prove retention first)


This is where we'd normally say we're interested in your witness vote. We're not entirely sure how that will all shake out... we aren't even producing that many blocks on Steem anymore (for probably obvious reasons) so that is likely to switch to HIVE ... would you support us there?

Technically speaking we have TWO servers that run a witness (one is a backup even though we have rarely missed blocks in all our history) ... we are prepping the main server to make the switch and can worry about the other one later (there's plenty of other things that need to be done in the meantime) ... Thoughts from those that support our witness? Or maybe we're calling it "Hive Managers" or just "Block Producers" and we can leave weird words like "witness" behind?


  • What chain do you prefer us to operate on?
  • What do you like about Hive?
  • If you want to stay on tell us why.
  • What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?
  • What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?
  • Any concerns you're having?

In the end we still have a bunch more features before we begin our large marketing push... by that time we hope that things will be much clearer as to what system will provide us with the most decentralized option for content posting. We need stability, a thriving App ecosystem, ease of use for development and our users and decentralization.


You guys have a great product and we need you to be on Hive; period!


I fully agree with you, @kus-knee! !BEER

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agree 100%

absolutely right

Well said! It's already great to have this posing on Steem + Hive. This has been my first rehive, and this is my first comment solely an hive. I'll copy my little perspective here just for writing it to both chains consequently.

So many questions I have no answers to yet. What I love is reading "Hive support", because it means not to switch but to integrate.

For a name I'm thinking of lots af thigs block, crypto, decentral. Add your PEAK. And I love the idea to have an independent front-end that naturally depends on chains. That's why I'm finally here when I'm looking for great features you already have. Chain on!

I really like the one, not going to pick another, this is perfect. :) Like "Peakd my interest", lots of fun pun potential here.

Same here. I love PeakD. It just looks elegant

  • Hive for sure.
  • I hope it proves to be the better option for an independent, freedom-loving and sustainable community. Anyways, I am sure that Steemit Inc is not walking the right path, hence Hive is the choice of mine.
  • In my point of view, SteemPeak is the most advanced and user-friendly front end. However, it is just my pick.
  • It could be HivePeak, make the rebranding as simple as you can.
  • Yet again, Hive it is.
  • Splitting the community is not the best thing to do. Using two forks neither as the content should be unique and created for the chain. I wish we moved as a community, took the best of current Steem and built up our hives ;)

Splitting the community is not the best thing to do. Using two forks neither as the content should be unique and created for the chain. I wish we moved as a community, took the best of current Steem and built up our hives ;)

good point!

Well said!

A close second to Steem Peak might be or maybe Partiko or something.

Partiko is dead. I suggest you start using @esteem. more recent updates have improved that program greatly.

Good idea.


What I like about Hive vs. Steem:

  • Hive does not have to trust that Steemit, Inc stake will not be used to vote on DPoS governance nor will be dumped on the open market (while Steem has already seen Stinc stake used to vote on DPoS governance and JSun has stated publicly he wants to dump Stinc stake on open market)
  • Hive has a large team of developers already committed to working on the chain and an inclusive approach that is yielding more community developers committing to work on the project daily; while Steem has no developers at all (even counting Tron developers, Tron chain is a Java implementation and to the best of my knowledge JSun and Tron team do not have any C++ developers who could work on Steem blockchain)
  • The Steem name has always been a terrible name from a branding / marketing standpoint with obvious confusion point RE Steam gaming platform
  • The purchase of Steemit Inc by Justin Sun has only added to negative connotations surrounding Steem naming, as JSun is "controversial" at best descriptor and a con man by nearly universal acclaim in the crypto space

2 URL choices: would be my choice of the URLs presented to have some continuity with prior naming and branding. Not convinced it is the absolute best choice. Beesocial might be another suggestion, it has a nice ring and fits with Hive naming without directly aping it, although I see there are some other businesses with that name (though none directly in this space I think). is available, is for sale for relatively reasonable price ($4.7k)

I would prefer your witness to be on Hive. To be perfectly honest, anyone thinking of trying to support/use both chains is IMO doing a disservice to the community. Please anyone reading this, do not add value to the old Steem chain. Don't use it, don't run a witness for it, just dump your Steem tokens and leave JSun to play with his dumpster fire and worthless stake.

That is actually a pretty nice suggestion.

Beesocial is a perfect name imo

Also, is also for sale for a reasonable $3,495 USD.

Yes, it is a great name.

why? it has nothing to do with 'hive'. Branding should make sense. Not be something unrelated. New users won't get it and it's not going to work well at all.

beesocial has nothing to do with hive? Or were you referring to the suggestions in the post from steempeak like peaksocial. Obviously, beesocial has something to do with hive... bee... hive...

I believe that they don't want a name which is to connected to any platform. Look at all the Steem domains / tools / dapps and the mass rebranding which is going on right now.

@steempeak is searching for a platform agnostic brand name. Because they:
-don't wish to go through rebranding again,
-plan to support multiple platforms.

Besides, I like the name 😀👍

Ps: Leah, it's nice talking to you after a long time. is cool XD

That makes a lot more sense.

why not use the name hive as part of the url name? if its going to be on the HIVE blockchain, you must be clear about that in the name. otherwise new users won't even get it.


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Wow! nailed it!

sounds like
voice +speak

Beesocial...!!!! It's the best 🤩

beesocial is fabulous. It works really well for Hive. Get's my vote.

And I agree with your point about not working with steem. It is toxic while associated with Sun

I love that thing!


Your opinion has a lot of weight with me, @carlgnash. I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do with my Steem tokens and the rewards still coming in after Friday. I don't even know how to convert them to BTC or fiat ... but some advice would be welcome. Remember: a lot of us small creators don't have a clue on how to "dump," and nobody right now is about to just abandon money in the present distress.

standard disclaimer about financial advice, etc., applies - but in my own opinion, the value of the current Steem and SBD tokens is going to plummet after the hardfork happens. Quite a few Steem whales have publicly stated they will be selling off their Steem and moving to the Hive chain (@blocktrades being probably the most prominent, and he is one of the largest stakeholders on Steem). It isn't so much about abandoning money, as preserving the value that you worked so hard to get. Again, my own opinion, and I don't have a crystal ball - but I think Steem users who do nothing and just hold on to their Steem tokens are going to see the value of their Steem wallets crash to basically nothing over the next 3 months (the period of time it takes to power down a Steem account / 13 weeks).

As far as how to convert your Steem / SBD to bitcoin or fiat, you have to create an account at an exchange that lists Steem / SBD first (this will require KYC, usually the process involves both submitting your ID and a selfie). Once you have an account, then you deposit Steem at that exchange (transfer your Steem / SBD to the address the exchange gives you for the deposit, with the memo that the exchange gives you to direct it to your own account at that exchange). The exact process / buttons to press is going to vary some from exchange to exchange. You can find a list of exchanges that trade Steem here:
I personally use .

Once you have your Steem / SBD on an exchange that lists Steem / SBD, you can trade it for bitcoin. From there you can decide if you want to keep it in bitcoin, or if you want fiat you can convert bitcoin to fiat. I don't believe there are any exchanges that allow a direct Steem to fiat trade without going through an intermediary step like bitcoin. Let me know if you have any specific questions about that process.

I get where you are coming from, and I really appreciate the info ... but just remember what it looks like from the perspective of those who are just learning about the ninja mined stake and what witnesses actually do and trying to keep up with what is going on. Steem just tripled in value -- a lot of small creators aren't going to see the danger of staying around under those conditions unless the benefits of Hive are made clear, because little is clear. I was a professional journalist, and it has still been hard for me to put all the pieces together -- but I do know how to ask questions, seek information, and evaluate sources because of that background ... and you, sir, proved to me that you had the best interest of new Steemians at heart exactly 367 days ago.

Well, guess I'm signing up on Bittrex ... been trying to pick a safe exchange for a minute, so it's about that time...

In as simple terms as possible: The two main value propositions of Steem are that it is a decentralized and censorship-resistant social media network. The current (old) Steem blockchain now is neither decentralized* nor censorship-resistant**, while Hive is.

For someone who doesn't care about a social media network being centralized or having censorship, Steem wasn't the place to begin with. You could always reach a wider audience and make more money on the mainstream social media networks. And for the people who do care about decentralization and censorship, they are going to drop Steem like a hot potato now.

*Steem is not decentralized now because Justin Sun is running at least 20 puppet witnesses (presumably even from a single server) to centralize the blockchain governance under his control and voting for them with the Steemit, Inc stake. The Steemit, Inc stake is removed from the Hive fork.

**Steem is not censorship-resistant now because the front end is in fact currently censoring posts. They even added an external black list source in China that they can add posts to censor without even having to change the GITHUB code now.

This is the first time I have EVER gotten a clear, concise explanation. My tenure is just a few days over a year.

Oh well. Next year on this day, I'll have a year on Hive. Wherever the people I respect are going, I am going too, because I'm not into censorship and dictatorship either.

Posting through from Hive -- neat.

However, the powers that now be (us) might consider changes to this front end ... there COULD be a nasty fight about it because of proprietary matters of ownership, and if Mr. Sun is as bad as we are hearing, he will be looking in 13 weeks to get his money back however he can.

check out (the rebrand of on hive), it is a better front end

Excellent! Thank you!

This is my first comment while using Hive. I would like to thank all of you guys for putting your efforts to provide us a decentralized platform where we can openly express our feelings and do our work. Please would you guys look into it somehow I'm not able to open my wallet!

We need you on Hive.

Good news ... There will be a PEAK style site on Hive.

again, why the word "peak"? it doesn't make sense with 'hive' at all.


I'm not probably answering in the correct way to all of this, but I'm glad you're going to be on Hive. I'm hoping Hive can be the good new beginning, as Justin Sun's actions on Steem didn't do good. I'm hoping we can have similar and even better community on Hive, but far more decentralized that Steem actually ever was!

I have been using Steempeak (at least most of the time) for a good while now and I've been really happy with it. Anyone else would need to do something truly amazing to be better than you guys are. Steempeak has had many features which have made Steem much better to use and you've managed to fix many things that I didn't even realize to be wrong.

My choices for the URLs would be and, maybe something other too but I have no idea what it could be.

I could see you witnessing on Hive, you could probably run a witness on Steem too just if Justin Sun were to withdraw sockpuppet accounts, but changes can always be made. Right?

I'm mostly concerned about your re-branding. Because at worst, who knows if you'll go with something like dpeaksocialpeak.networkd 😉

Well written thoughts on the matter, thanks for sharing @apsu.

 last year (edited)

My pick for a name would have been but as it's not available I vote for
Second choice
I plan to migrate to Hive - I've long been hoping Steemit could restart.
Something I'm wondering - any predictions on what will happen to the value of Steem and Hive tokens?


why use the word peak? I don't get it. It's not catchy either.
you need to have the word "hive" in it, that's a no brainer.
Hive is the cool idea, the people vs. tryrants, and please be smart about this. Hive should be part of the name or else you lose the game, the problem of "no consistent branding"

i liked your ideas from the start, and you did great job on this. you fup photogames because of it, but forgiven :D

i will be on steem for at least 13 weeks so having steempeak to use would be nice. i do feel i will move my regular activities to hive. people are creatures of habit and i have a habit of using whatevernamePeak so nice to hear you will be there.

Will support your block producer (not that my stake will matter a lot)

as for the name, did not read the comments to not be influenced, my first thought is other, but i have no idea what would that be 😀

Good point everyone that is moving to hive is still gonna be on steem for at least 13 weeks.

You created this giant masterpiece and the question for me is, did you get a fair share of development funds from the Steemit stake in the past? That should change on the Hive, it really should change.

  1. What chain do you prefer us to operate on?
    • You should really not be exclusive, but the HIVE should be your Hometown
  2. What do you like about Hive?
    • It's a natural evolution of STEEM, it had to come at some point anyway. JS abusing the development stake is now the reason, but it was time anyway.
  3. If you want to stay on tell us why.
    • I don't even understand that question
  4. What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?
    • &
  5. What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?
    • Hive
  6. Any concerns you're having?
    • A big fat Ninja Stake killing STEEM prices since 2016

Oh thanks for this Plattform and continuing with the Community. Please keep steempeak running for a while it is my Favorit Plattform to access and interact with the Steem blockchain. I will slowky transition to hive now.

"Blockchain integration" BAT tipping from Brave browser maybe? 😁



I'm definitely for moving to Hive, I'll use Hive either way.
I like Peakd and peaksocial

make it simple. stick with one chain, everything else is too confusing, steemit/steempeak is already super confusing for newcomers. makes sense to go with hive, ninja stake out, no chance of that stake being used to control the chain. that said a lot will depend on the workings of hive and if they can prevent a large stakeholder to control it. a lot of whales will be transferred there, so don't know how that will turn out.

as a side remark peakd does not work well in my language (dutch), a lot of people would be asking us that with a t or a d at the end. just saying..

well any hive only user most likely needs a steem interface for at least 13 weeks ... if you catch my drift.

I mean asking about a t or d is better than Steem vs Steam. haha

Being the greedy person I am I'd ideally love it if was a dual chain supported front and can even prove as to be the ideal go between for those who sit on both sides and not forcing users to choose.

I'd say would be the ideal name for me because we don't know where this will end up be it a full move to Hive as steem dies or a complete community split, perhaps even other chains wanting to leverage peaksocial in the future too.

Steempeak is by far the most polished front end why would I go anywhere else?

Split. Yes. Agreed. Good idea.

I have been unable to upload photos to Steempeak for my posts. It always gives me "network error." I hope this issue would be resolved if you'd be moving to Hive, as I like using your front end.

As for the name, I like or 😊😊

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I'm all in with Hive. One thing I wish though is not to have an upvote button but just a tip/donate button seeing that Taxation is Theft. Not sure If that's possible but that's My two cents. Hive Out....

I am not a fan of taxes. So, yeah, anything that might minimize taxes. And I like tipping. I would prefer both, the ability to tip or upvote. But I guess it partly comes down to whether or not there could be multiple reward pools for upvoting in order to allow for some competition and everything within the money aspect of it all.

What chain do you prefer us to operate on?
Hive. No question there.

What do you like about Hive?
Steem is getting hard-forked one way or another, if JS has his way. Hive looks like the fork that has investment and momentum. The name is a good nod to the communities-focused nature of the chain.

If you want to stay on tell us why.
The interface is nice. Admittedly I haven't branched out that far in trying others. Something always felt a little uncomfortable about how steemit branded itself in relation to steem, though I didn't know the depths of it... I just knew I wanted something that was stable, secure, and not steemit. What's the point of a dApp if everyone uses the official corporate endpoint anyways?

What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?
Of those listed, I saw BeeSocial in the comments, I like that too.

What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?
Hive. I spitefully want a bunch of witnesses to stay back on steem and fuck sun, but the health of the real blockchain takes priority.

Any concerns you're having?
I'm worried that a "watch and wait for stability" approach from some dApps switching over will lead to many lost posts from a user perspective. Worried about how onboarding new users and recovering accounts will work out, the new chain is necessary for the community to come together to solve such concerns but I'm not sure it's sufficient... and it might not be fast enough to avoid a significant upheaval. (Especially if the 30-day voting block applies to airdropped SBD.)

Lots in that post.

  1. What chain do you prefer us to operate on?: Right now I am thinking I will prefer to operate primarily on

  2. What do you like about Hive? Difficult to answer that at this point, I do think I will like Hive, but until I walk through the door and see and feel the atmosphere of the place difficult to answer. I do like some of the concepts I have read, but we have all seen talk before sometimes with action, sometimes not.

  3. What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? would be my first choice, but it does not seem to be available. the .io ending does seem to be available however. To be honest I am not thrilled with any of the names in your poll. As just a user, I am somewhat tired of the d this d that, and apy seems like a baby wipe name, sorry but I am older and apy endings just don't cut it with me. I would like to see a name that does allow for future expansion of your product, like how Netscape name was not an operating specific name nor product.

  4. What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?: I think at this point in time I would like to see it on Hive as it seems that is the chain I will be on mostly. As it stands right now I do not see a reason to stay on as a steem witness, the dead lock is there, it will be there for awhile unless the 10 or 9 witness in the top 20 all move over to Hive on Friday. I would actually like to see four of them stay as steem witness to keep things in limbo on steem block chain while hive gets established.

  5. Any concerns you're having?: Not really, it seems as if Hive was thought out quite well, I guess like most people we will find out over the weekend, and get a better feel for it.

I would like to say thank you for the smooth transition I had from steemit and steemit communities, you have earned my trust and respect for having such a small team you have all done a wonderful job not only on your product but on keeping your users updated and communicating with them.

Earning trust is the hard part but they did earn our trust.

I would love steempeak to support hive, I myself will be using hive over steem.
What I like about hive is it's potential to fix the issue with steem sooner rather than later, this deadlock with justin could last forever in which no development can be done.
I like and
I also would support your witness on hive as well.


I think that having multi-chain operation is probably the easiest solution, with options for choosing where things post (e.g. a dialog box) before publication.

Hive looks really great, and I'm excited to see the decentralization brought closer to fruition with some honest safeguards. Still not perfect, but it's a great step better than Steem with its known flaws.

I could see staying on Steempeak, but honestly I wouldn't prefer it over a new thing.

My two URL choices that seem obvious: has great appeal across the board, with anyone getting exactly what the point of the idea is. is also interesting, though I think it could be offputting to people who don't understand the ecosystem already.

I like the idea of Steem keeping its principled witnesses, but I don't think that's possible for a number of reasons. If you switch to Hive, I'll go with y'all.

  1. I want to be able to use SteemPeak (as it is/will be) on Hive. (Though in an ideal situation, those who wish to run on Steem would be able to do that as well - like a on/off switch.)
  2. I like that Hive won't be SteemTron anymore. Steem was good. SteemTron is scary.
  3. I love the Steempeak front-end. I love having my templates, my scheduler and all the other wonderful features you've developed over the months. I plan to stay on this front end (whether it's called Steempeak or anything else) until I'm no longer able/willing to blog on the blockchains.
  4. Dpeak is my favorite. Peaksocial is my second. Peakd sounds like a has-been.
  5. Hive
  6. I just want to see a smooth transition with people able/willing to fix problems as they arise (as is usual for you guys!)

Great ideas Lori!

Thanks! Good to hear from you!

How have you been doing?

Well enough. Snow tonight again.
How about you?

I’m fucking scared is what but I keep it in check!
Cool as a cute over here!

Boost your immune system and hope for the best. That's what I tell my hubby who is also shaking in his boots about this. And remember the vast majority of cases are mild - just like regular flu.

My main worry is that my son will be prevented from flying to see us in May... from the UK. (So he can't exactly drive instead.) Or maybe that worry gets me past any other worries...

Regarding Hive, I am glad the witnesses decided to do a clean fork with a new chain ID.

I think both projects will take a big hit, and I am sad this all happened, but expect it will be okay long term.

I don't think Steem is dead, both projects just became more high risk.

Regarding your branding, I hate to say it... But the options sound a bit pornish.

 last year (edited)

LOL - your mind is always in the gutter - I didn't even think of that myself!

I do think Steem is on it's knees making groaning noises, and the only way I can see any of my friends coming back is a new platform with a new name that works better than Steemit - if this plays out I will jump to Hive in the blink of an eye.


To close to PEEK?


Good to hear you are moving away from blockchain related branding. You never know with hf's. Looking forward to using DPeak soon on Hive. 🙃🙃

A Hive is a centralised hierarchic system where the worker drones feed a fat queen. It is literally the opposite of decentralisation - however, it seems those with the loudest mouths would rather tell me to shut up than listen. Oh well - how ironic and sad. As far as the steempeak name goes, I don't think steem 'anything' is likely to work if hive is successful. I don't really know what the meaning or value of 'peak' is, other than 'being at the top' - which is again a centralised reference and not a decentralised one (in terms of hierarchy).

I feel similar about the Hive name and made a post about it and went on their discord to discuss and it seems they decided without us in secret.

We could campaign to have it changed in the future, but, that has potential problems and drawbacks as well. Pretty frustrating to me as someone who loves language and decentralization so much...

Basically, yes. I don't mind that developers go off and fork in private, but when the response to feedback on a pretty serious aspect of the process is "don't be so negative", "you are complaining just for the sake of complaining" and "the name is meaningless" - I feel pretty sad for the state of the 'community' and it's voices. It's particularly frustrating to be met with a wall of obvious unconsciousness and denial in the form of people claiming that someone with input is being 'negative' just for dissenting when it is obviously them who is negatively rejecting other voices.
I am not interested in begging and pleading with anyone for any reason. People make their choices and get their result.

Agreed. I think anyone should be able to fork and do their own thing, however, when they tout community as their main strength and then leave the broader community out of such important decisions and decide in a secret sort of way like that just feels a bit off.

And yeah... I was being told similar things as you, and I was being totally peaceful and calm an d respectful and they were saying similar stuff. Very strange energy indeed. Felt like they just want their project and don't want any criticism.

Well said at the end there. I concur and I'm glad to see I wasn't alone in my sentiments about trying to suggest an alternative name. I think this could have been so much more amazing if we had a name more in line with freedom, or love or life or so many other things besides "Hive".

shrug oh well.

Yes, absolutely. I think part of the issue is that they want to get it all done at high speed and the name has been decided as being a low priority and something that people can argue over for days. I do get where they are coming from to some extent, it's just a problem for me that marketing strategy is being over simplified. On top of the name issue there's also the reality that over-centralisation, ignoring the community and poor marketing are precisely the main problems that we all hated about steemit inc. and yet here were are facing essentially the same thing from day one from the community themselves. history repeats when lessons are not being learned.

Yeah, I think so too... And I can also get where they are coming from to an extent. But, I also highly agree with everything else you said, well said.

That's exactly how I've been feeling, and it's almost like it's a little worse in some ways because at least we would sort of expect this kind of behavior from steemit inc or Justin, but, our own community who I thought were suppose to be significantly anarchist/libertarian?

I thought this place was much more focused on individual freedom and when they picked a name like Hive which to me more often means the opposite of that and then they did it in secret and passed it sort of like the Patriot Act and then in their official blog post mentioned they weren't going to airdrop some people based on their political position and what they said about centralization, it's just like... Wow... What happened? I thought we were on a similar page and now they're doing some really sketchy questionable stuff all of a sudden... I hope things calm down in time, yet, either way this is now history and this new chain was birthed in secret by a smaller centralized group instead of out in the open by the broader community... :\

It's not the best start, I agree. A few people in the Hive discord stated that they are not anarchists in any sense - so it seems that may be part of the issue. There will probably always be people who actually do value liberty who will be willing to continue Steem's codebase on - however, as many people have stated (including me) 'anarcho capitalism is not anarchy' and for me, this just reinforces the reality here.

But had they listened, then you would have been that peak.

If you think of it as a hive as in hive mind, that is a decentralised community working together in harmony...

a hive mind is not decentralised in my mind - it is a centralised, homogenous blob.

I meant in nature, not in science fiction. I also choose to focus on the positives, but you seem fixated on the potential negatives of a word.

Positivity is mechanically integrative and includes the negative too. 'Positive thinking' is a problem if it includes denials. As a professional digital marketer and systems engineer, I know I need to think of all angles when it comes thinking of a symbol to be used to represent a brand. Blocking out problems with a word will not stop the brand losing optimal placement.

You are probably right. I still think you are over thinking it though. Either way, it will be interesting to watch what happens.

I like hives and I like the idea of working together. I believe in decentralization and centralization, long story. It is very complex as the world has both simultaneously and that is a balance, a mechanism that goes back and forth. It is somewhat impossible for humans to actually have one without the other apart from hypothetical theories and temporary moments in history.

i am not sure how much you know about bees but you are wrong, and missed it by a lot.
Drones are the only fat ones in the hive and they either die after mating or get cast out when winter comes.
queen bee is hard working. all her life is dedicated to making more bees for the hive, and would not survive on her own.
The colony relies on each other for everything within one another individual bees (workers, drones, and queens) wouldn't be able to survive. The whole colony is also needed to reproduce. The colony of a bee is a well-oiled machine working together to survive.
If you would like to pick one bad thing in this than that would be swarming. But i doubt it Hive will ever become to big so it has to swarm.

Queen honey bees are created when worker bees feed a single female larvae an exclusive diet of a food called "royal jelly".[59][62] Queens are produced in oversized cells and develop in only 16 days; they differ in physiology, morphology, and behavior from worker bees. In addition to the greater size of the queen, she has a functional set of ovaries, and a spermatheca, which stores and maintains sperm after she has mated.


bees operate on programs/imprints and face problems from the group if their behaviour 'dissents' and challenges the queen's reproductive dominance. bees have been used as a symbol of royalty since ancient egyptian times - the 'queen of england' wore a bee gown at her coronation. bees and hives are absolutely a symbol of centralisation and hierarchy. i am confused as to why anyone things anything different and as yet no-one has provided any evidence to the contrary of my position.

Many people assume that the queen controls everything. She doesn't. The only thing she actually controls is reproduction. Queens create a chemical called queen substance or queen pheromone. The retinue of worker bees that feed her spread this queen substance around to the other workers in the hive, and as long as there is enough of it, none of the workers' ovaries develop. In addition to this, the queen internally controls whether an egg is fertilized (is female) or unfertilized (is male).

Externally its a different matter. Workers actually control whether or not the queen lays fertilized or unfertilized eggs by the size of the cells they build. Smaller cells induce the queen to lay fertilized eggs, larger cells are a cue to lay unfertilized eggs. Queen cups also induce a queen to lay fertilized eggs, which are created by workers when the levels or queen substance produced by the queen become too low (usually when either the queen is getting too old, or when the hive gets too big.)

or, workers decide when to change the queen bee

I appreciate that bees work together, yes. However, they do not embody independence or variation per se - they are centralised by definition.
I personally am less interested here in the biological mechanics of inter-bee relationships, than I am in the public perception of the new blockchain. Symbols have different meanings to different people. It's clear that some people just think of 'busy bees' and 'doing work' when they think of bees and hives - however, many people think of homogenous, lockstep hierarchy and 'classes' of people - a hivemind. Orwell's 1984 is the classic example of groupthink and this kind of issue in humanity. I find it actually quite disturbing that this isn't obvious to more people here considering that most people I usually speak with are on the same page as me.

i understand what you are talking about, but we don't have a hivemind in our language. not sure for other languages but i know 3 that don't use that. so maybe that is why it is not my first association.

maybe we should use this to educate people of bees and importance of them in the world 😁. For example i assume that a lot of people know how shitty the world would be without bee hives.

Hehe. Well, increased care for bees would certainly be a good thing, however, given that Wifi networks are causing bees serious problems it seems a bit of a hard task to suggest that a wifi powered social network is going to help real bees!

Dang dropping some knowledge on us!

I like what you're saying about bees and I'm a fan of hierarchy as opposed to hypothetical anarchy which is only theoretical. I believe in decentralization and centralization at the same time. I believe in the balancing act between extremes. I am not against hierarchy but some people are against it. But one of the problems is when hierarchy government is infiltrated by globalists and others. People can do bad. So, centralized hierarchy can mess things up. But no hierarchy can also screw with things as well. To some extent and in some ways, a blockchain can be a decentralized system that is somewhat enforced by a centralized code, the blockchain, which either is or should allow for modification via decentralized voting, you know, the users, the witnesses. Generally, I do promote anarchy and decentralization in order to minimize and counter tyrannical authoritarianism, globalism, tech cartels, fascists, etc, etc.

it is like trying to get the best from both sides. we are still not there, maybe we will maybe not, who knows. all of this is just one real life experiment.


Honey bee
A honey bee (also spelled honeybee) is a eusocial flying insect within the genus Apis of the bee clade, all native to Eurasia but spread to four other continents by human beings. They are known for construction of perennial, colonial nests from wax, for the large size of their colonies, and for their surplus production and storage of honey, distinguishing their hives as a prized foraging target of many animals, including honey badgers, bears and human hunter-gatherers. In the early 21st century, only seven species of honey bee are recognized, with a total of 44 subspecies, though historically seven to eleven species are recognized. The best known honey bee is the western honey bee which has been domesticated for honey production and crop pollination; modern humans also value the wax for candlemaking, soapmaking, lip balms, and other crafts.

Fully agree about the name "hive" - it sounds like "submit" a word with much deeper intent than people realise.

But bugger it, if it's going to be called hive, so be it, maybe it could still work better than steemit.


HIVE is a good name !
I am in!
I support the move ,see you on the other side !

I am also curious to see what others will do.

Peaksocial, for sure, on Hive ✌🏼

If I were to choose a name from the list, I would go with #1, #2 Dapps Dnames are silly IMHO.

Anyway, great work as always. Looking forward to the migration.


SteemPeak is number one for me. I would like it to continue.
If you choose a new name, I like the first and second variant.