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RE: Emojis and a New Proposal Detail Page

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I have been asking for emojis since the dawn of time! If you want people to be interested there's gotta be emojis!
Also would it be possible to make a emoji coin that allows you to use rare and limited emojis or emojis from your favorite users? Kind of like twitch except you can sell the emojis. Just a thought.


We will keep it in mind to maybe expand emojis ... just a good step to have them.

I understand that it takes a lot of work to get these types of things working and appreciate what you are doing.😍
Admittedly, I always thought emojis would've been a higher priority within the steem community because it is a "social" platform. 😌
I used to use @partiko but I recently switched to @steempeak. Thank you for your developments. You've been around for a while now.😄

Well let us know how the mobile experience is going for you.

Well let us know how
The mobile experience
Is going for you.

                 - steempeak

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

What I have tried so far works.