Having Trouble Claiming Account Tickets?

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Since we switched to Hive I had trouble claiming account tickets... I heard after talking to @asgarth today I am not the only one, a few others reported it.

The issue seems to be related to Hive Keychain. While it works for asgarth, it doesn't work for me. I updated to the most recent version which is 0.18.2(.5), but still didn't work for me. Hangs when attempting to do the blockchain op. @stoodkev, I'm pinging you in case you are not aware of the issue.

In case you use Hive Keychain and have this issue, you can claim the account tickets by using HiveSigner or PeakLock instead. I used PeakLock for this particular operation and it worked like a charm. I actually had enough RCs to claim more than one ticket.

How to do this? You simply log out and log in using PeakLock, and also add the optional active key for your account, because you'll need it to claim the free ticket. Afterwards you go to your wallet and claim your free ticket from here, if you have enough RCs (the operation will fail if you don't):

Afterwards you can continue using PeakLock on PeakD or switch back to Hive Keychain, your option.

If you know your way around code and have a Linux-based OS, you might prefer to automatize this using a script like the one provided by @arcange:

I will do that on my desktop, where I have Ubuntu OS.


I have claimed myself 17 accounts, but I don't see any use for them. Just wondering... what is your plan with yours?

There was a time when a solution to create a sort of pool for them was discussed. They may become important in the future, other than for personal and friends use.

If you know your way around code and have a Linux-based OS...

AFAIK, you can also run it on a Windows computer 😉

Looks like it, I knew node.js was cross-platform, but didn't know that about npm:

perhaps cross-post to peakd community? :) https://peakd.com/c/hive-163399/created

Strange, I wasn't aware there was a new PeakD community but have looked for one and didn't seem to be one or I missed it. Obviously I missed it...

Thanks for letting me know!

haha yeah i was surprised to see a post here in this community. But looks like @gadrian found the issue on discord. your version of Keychain doesn't have that function available. But a newer version does. Or use a different sign in method

Nothing seems to work like it did after migrating from Steem.

Things should fall into place after a while...

If you have beem installed, you can also use

beempy --node https://api.hive.blog claimaccount gadrian

Thanks, I'll try it when I open my desktop tomorrow.

I can already claim account tokens with PeakD, but wanted to test beempy too and got this error. Any idea why? (cc: @holger80)
Screenshot from 20200415 123330.png

Do you have the latest version? I haven't seen this error myself, but there's a commit from Holger that seems to address this: https://github.com/holgern/beem/commit/20bb072d610e6f8ecb3884427e3cbf9ec8fc9873#diff-525a1bd22a29ae5b93e5be1353e45c32
Should be included in beem 0.22.4 or newwer

I had 0.22.13. Upgraded to 0.22.14. Error persists.

EDIT: Ahh, now I see this is something to be fixed in version 0.22.4 or newer. Thanks for your response!