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I'm not probably answering in the correct way to all of this, but I'm glad you're going to be on Hive. I'm hoping Hive can be the good new beginning, as Justin Sun's actions on Steem didn't do good. I'm hoping we can have similar and even better community on Hive, but far more decentralized that Steem actually ever was!

I have been using Steempeak (at least most of the time) for a good while now and I've been really happy with it. Anyone else would need to do something truly amazing to be better than you guys are. Steempeak has had many features which have made Steem much better to use and you've managed to fix many things that I didn't even realize to be wrong.

My choices for the URLs would be and, maybe something other too but I have no idea what it could be.

I could see you witnessing on Hive, you could probably run a witness on Steem too just if Justin Sun were to withdraw sockpuppet accounts, but changes can always be made. Right?

I'm mostly concerned about your re-branding. Because at worst, who knows if you'll go with something like dpeaksocialpeak.networkd 😉


Well written thoughts on the matter, thanks for sharing @apsu.

My pick for a name would have been but as it's not available I vote for
Second choice
I plan to migrate to Hive - I've long been hoping Steemit could restart.
Something I'm wondering - any predictions on what will happen to the value of Steem and Hive tokens?


why use the word peak? I don't get it. It's not catchy either.
you need to have the word "hive" in it, that's a no brainer.
Hive is the cool idea, the people vs. tryrants, and please be smart about this. Hive should be part of the name or else you lose the game, the problem of "no consistent branding"