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RE: Collage Contest #2 by @georgeboya

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A collage and kitty tips NICE. The picture made me think of this

I like the connection theme like this force that we all spread making more and new connection, and cool move turning that medicine ball into yarn :) !tip 2


I'm awed by the music / story link you shared. I think I have to listen to it several times to at least understand it a little bit. Did not know that existed. Have to listen more.

And thanks! BTW, I think the ball was sold as a football in the magazine I ripped the picture off.


Think @Sugarfix still introduced me to William S. Burroughs , I like how cynical weird and offbeat it is. I also sent you engage lol I transferred it directly cause these comments piss me off.

Thanks! Better just tolerate for a while the pissing you off comments if you're going to comment my posts. :D

Ha, guess they fine if you don't mind. Feels a bit like littering when I do it. Not concerned with what others do.

I don't mind. But as (butt ass, ha ha...) I have no idea if other people see it as litter, I only use it on my own blog for people who come and comment my posts.

Speaking of, my litter never worked yesterday !tip 2

That would be a good sentence to add anywhere.

my litter never worked

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