Collage Contest #1. Winner Announcement.

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The first collage contest finished successfully and it is time to announce the winners. I was very excited to see the entries and more than happy to find out that most of them included a cool story that inspired the art. I am very touched, because i believe that this is the most important aspect of collage, to express in a creative way the feelings we have inside us. To visualize our inner images and in a way make them real. It was not easy for me to decide the winners so i decided to award 2 honourable mentions along with the three prizes. I will have the next contest ready in a few days and try to enrich the future ones with themes and also specific libraries of free images for you to choose.

Honourable Mention 1. 10 Steem and 100 CreativeCoin Tokens.

My 2019 by @juanzcorpion.

A digital collage inspired by the artist's 2019 experience. An artwork full of strong emotions.

Honourable Mention 2. 10 Steem and 100 CreativeCoin Tokens.

Music of the Breakfast by @sweettais.

A beautiful and colourful handcut collage. Every little item is so skillfully assembled and the result is playful.

Third Place. 20 Steem and 200 CreativeCoin Tokens.

Impressions of the Third Grade by @agmoore.

A digital composition inspired by the artist's personal story. I really liked the way she visualized her experience in the third grade, a pivotal point that defined her life. The symbolism of the images is very accurate and the artist provided a lot of process photos and all the sources of the images.

Second Place. 30 Steem and 300 CreativeCoin tokens.

A Hunter's Grave by @juliakponsford.

A very trippy and surreal digital collage. I loved the title, it stirs the imagination and creates questions. Who is this hunter and where is his grave? The composition of vintage images is pleasing to the eye and reminds of the symbolic artworks in the old Alchemist's books. The artist also includes a trippy animated version of the artwork.

First Place. 50 Steem and 500 CreativeCoin tokens.

Ice Cream by @bidesign.

A digital collage perfectly executed and with a witty attitude. I really liked the colour combinations and specially the vibrant background. The artist used a funny wordplay as an inspiration and provided a unique process animation which included the original source photo along with the each image. Very smart.


It's nice to be appreciated by you like this. Thanks a lot @georgeboya.

You are more than welcome:) Congrats, you are very skilled with digital collages and i ve always enjoyed them:)

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These are all absolutely brilliant! Congratulations to all of you! Well done.

I am really happy that you like them:) Thank you so much for your participation and the support:):)

These winning collages were very good. The ones I liked the most were: @agmoore, and Ice Cream by @bidesign. Congratulations!


I am so happy that you liked them, thank you so much for your participation and support:)

I loved this contest. The participations were very good. I hope it repeats again. I like your work as an illustrator and collage maker @georgeboya

Hi @ georgeboya
I love this contest. I had considered old school collage a kids activity or therapeutic crafting pursuit, but your work and this contest have introduced collage as a true artistic style. I have been playing with assemblage art a bit lately, I guess it is kind of 3d collage, with objects and mix medium. But does it qualify as collage? I'm not sure. Digital collage might me way beyond my ability, but who knows... One day maybe?
Congratulations on a great contest, I am looking forward to your next one.
Congratulations to @bidesign too, very worthy winner, great piece, very powerful and beautifully balanced and constructed.

Hello @girlbeforemirror (cool name,lol), i was thinking of including assemblage collages but i thought none will know them,lol. Your artworks are more than welcome as all forms of collage, handcut or digital:)

My name... it was a rather impulsive choice made 3 years ago. I was going to go with my favourite Picasso, but I thought weeping woman sounded a bit tragic. I later learnt that the 2 woman who were the muses for the works had a confrontation and physically fought it out, at his great amusement.
Hmm, I shouldn't look into these things. I don't like learning that my idols have human flaws.

I think you made the best choice:) Picasso is notorious for the way he treated women unfortunaly. I try also to stay in the art and not the person:)

Thanks for kind words. Nowadays It is really hard to define art and artistic creation with some words. But i see that many people call upcycles and readymades as assemblage too. But I am interested in assemblage. Following you to see some assemblages.

Or in my case, sometimes it's found object downcycling, or objectively, garbage hoarding.
Brace yourself for some crazy creations.

What a bunch of shear awesomeness! Really good contest entries and you chose the winners well. Congratulations to the winners!

I most definitely am going to participate to the next one. I will absolutely make time for it. Hopefully. :)

I am really happy that you like them and looking forward for your participation:) I will have the next one ready pretty soon:)

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Thank you very much. Such wonderful collages. I'm glad I didn't have to choose :))

It's a pleasure to be part of this community. Art is good for the heart, and the brain. It's the universal language. Maybe not all of us can speak it fluently, but we can all communicate. 🎨

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You are very welcome and congrats:) I agree about the universal language and i am happy that we share the same idea. I hope these contests will evolve into an ongoing dialogue:)

Thank you so much George, what an honour! I saw a lot of great entries I hope you do this more often!

You are very welcome dear Julia and congrats:) Next one is coming sooooon:):)

Thank you very much @georgeboya
Super grateful and impressed and in love with these works ... Great all! Greetings and congratulations =)

You are more than welcome and congrats:) I really liked the way you worked and the idea behind the art:)

Excellent work, I love this kind of contest, it's great. Congratulations to the winners.

I am happy that you like them and thank you so much for participating and supporting the contest:)

Thank you so much!!!

You are very welcome and congrats:) I hope you will make more of these colourful and beautiful collages:)

Congratulations @bidesign and all others, great works! 😁🤟

Loving to find this collage group on Steemit - so awesome, and love everyone's work!

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I am really happy that you like it, i hope you will have the time to take part also:)