Collage Community Announcement and Contest. Win 100 Steem and 1000 CCC in Prizes!

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Happy New Year to everyone, i hope you are relaxing and enjoying your time with your family and loved ones. A new year marks a new begining and with this in mind i created a Collage Community as a place for everyone to share their collage creations in digital or handcut form. I see a lot of potential to the communities feature, actually the same potential i did not see 10 years ago at Facebook when the first communities started. I am not planning to make the same mistake and be just a watcher of things taking form but i will jump head on and advise everyone who has a passion or a favourite activity to do the same. Either you can subscibe and be part of a community or for the ridiculous price of 3 Steem you can create your own.

Collage Medium.

Collage is an easy medium for artists or a creatives to express themselves with simple tools or a basic knowledge of Photoshop. This leaves a lot of room for the imagination and in my opinion this is the reason why collage is such an important medium. In a way you exercise your imagination to think of impossible combinations, to alter the real and make it surreal and dreamy. Cutting, arranging and pasting your favourite images together is a relaxing process and in time if you are persistent you can find you own style.

Handcut collage example.

Contest Guidelines.

To celebrate the birth of the new community i decided to make a contest open to everyone, to try and make a collage artwork in handcut or digital form. There is no theme just use your imagination and try to create a composition of images that pleases you aesthetically or have a message to convey to the viewer. As source material you can use your images that you own, magazine clippings or images you found on the Internet, as long as you are not violating in rules of copyrights. I would suggest this Library of free images as a good way to start your collages adventures.
1 apotec2.jpg

Digital collage example.

Contest Rules.

  • Only new artworks never shown at Steem blockchain (no reposts).
  • Subscibe and upload your artwork at the Collage Community or subscibe and upload your artwork from any Front End that you like as long as your FIRST tag is #hive-174904.
  • Process photographs must be included.
  • Use the #creativecoin tag if you want to receive CCC tokens along with Steem.
  • Upvote and resteem this post.

The contest will start at the 1st of January and finish at the 14th of January, 12pm UTC.

Winner Prizes.

  • First Place: 50 Steem and 500 CCC Tokens.
  • Second Place: 30 Steem and 300 CCC Tokens.
  • Third Place: 20 Steem and 200 CCC Tokens.

I am looking forward to see your collage creations.


Cool Contest, I wonder if I'll be able to fit contests into this year's 'goals' it might have to wait until February. I love this one though, can't wait to see the entrires.

Happy 2020 onwards and upwards Steemit!

Thank you Donna:) I hope you will find the time in the future to take part in some contests, i plan to make more this year for sure:) Happy and creative 2020 to you too, i have a feeling that it would be an amazing year for Steem:)

Wow, that looks really interesting:)

Hi @georgeboya, I'm done, but forgot to upload the post in Collage Community. However, I did plug the community shamelessly within the blog :)

My piece: Impressions of the Third Grade: Collage Community Contest #1.
classroominfinal7 progress.jpg

I'm not sure how 'artistic' my collage is, but it is expressive. Great fun.

Thanks for the experience, and good luck to everyone!

It is more than enough artistic:) Thank you so much for taking part:)

So awesome that you did this. I'll try my best to show something within the next... oh my, only 7 days left! I better start planning right away. :)

Thank you and i am sure that you will manage to create an amazing collage in 7 days:) If not i am planning to host this contest regulary and so you will have a chance in the future:)

Ohhhhh this so cool, i missed your collage artworks:) Thank you for taking part:)

=) Thank you

I like this one a lot. Has a good concept

Shared on my twitter and Facebook profile.

Great idea!

Thank you @wwwiebe and happy New Year:) I hope you will find the time to take part:)

Happy New Year to you as well! It's going to be a great one!

Yes, I'm already thinking of what I might be able to put together. I think it'll be a lot of fun!

Have fun is the most important:) Looking forward to see:)

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happy new year!!

Happy and Creative New Year to you too:)

Awesome, subscribed to the community and I will try to make an entry! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

So cool Julia, looking forward for your creation, you are experienced in photo manipulations:) Happy New Year too:):)

Wow George, that is very good idea and this is something that you are the Master of. You have beautiful examples and as you mentioned yourself lately there are few digital ones that I saw around :)

Thank you so much for your kind words Stef:) You should also give some thought and check the Communities, maybe do a community for the art-venture mag and have your contests there:)

Sounds interesting
And both your examples are so interesting
I wonder what your thought process were to them :)

Thank you very much:) Well, the thought process was different for each of them. The handcut collage was created with the idea of America Capitalism in mind and how we all became consumers in a great market. The digital one was a commision for an organization about pharmacy.

Thank you for sharing :)

Happy New year! Feliz año nuevo!!
Here my post... Aquí esta mi post

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Thank you for the entry:) Happy New Year:)

Amazing! I very like this idea! :)

(I have a little question- in this contest I can participate with one entry or some?)

I am really happy that you liked the idea:) Happy New Year Tais:)

You can submit as many entries as you like but only one will be awarded at the end of the contest:)

My contribution , thank you for the contest and happy new year to you

Thank you so much:)

Great idea!
I will try to "Photoshop" something ;)

Looking forward to see your digital creation:)

 last year (edited)

Oh its really cool:)

Thanks! :)

deranged You just received DERANGED @georgeboya Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

I love this. No artist I, but loving art nonetheless. I find collages allow me to express my creativity without highlighting my technical deficiencies. Looking forward to participating. Can't resteem because it's out of the 7-day window.

Indeed collage is the best medium to express your creativity, it leaves so much space to work with imagination:) Looking forward to see your entry:)

Its like an alien invasion in my community:)

I'm normally cutting contest entries right down to the wire, but I've got at least one day to spare on this one!

Really cool and googly,lol

I forgot to upload my collage here ... I hope I'm not late

No you are not late at all:)