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Hi dear Hivers! 🐝🌹❤️

I bring for you a collage motivated by the initiative of @LMAC, which this week already reaches the account #51.

If you want to participate go to @shaka to see the details.

proyecto listo.png

This collage I have titled

The Land in Agony

Our beloved land, our habitat, asks for mercy and cries for the destruction that the mountains suffer, sees with deep sadness how fire consumes every centimeter of plant life.

For the construction of this collage I used only 3 images:

Image 1: provided by @shaka

Imagen by @shakaFuente

Image 2: pixabay


Image 3: drawn by me

Mi dibujo

I edited the images with the programs Power Point 2010 and paint 3D.

Hola queridos hivers!! 🐝🌹❤️

Traigo para ustedes un collage motivada por la iniciativa de @LMAC, que esta semana ya llega a la cuenta #51.

Si quieres participar acércate al post de @shaka para ver los detalles.

proyecto listo.png

Este collage lo he titulado

La tierra en Agonía

Nuestra amada tierra, nuestro hábitat, pide clemencia y llora por la destrucción que sufren las montañas, ve con profunda tristeza como el fuego consume cada centímetro de vida vegetal.

Para la construcción de este collage utilicé solo 3 imágenes:

Imagen 1: facilitada por @shaka

Imagen by @shakaFuente

Imagen 2: pixabay


Imagen 3: dibujada por mi

Mi dibujo

Las imágenes las edité con los programas Power Point 2010 y paint 3D.

Espero te agrade mi trabajo y puedas comentarlo.

Gracias por leerme y nos vemos en un próximo post.

El collage es libre de derechos de autor.
Translated with (free version)


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mayvileros logo nuevo.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Welcome to the LMAC, great to see you joining!

Awesome that you used an own drawing for this collage. Using own material is always much appreciated. The message of your work of art becomes vividly clear.

As a reminder, you may consider the next time to set the LMAC community (@hive-174695) as 20% beneficiary in your entry. Only then you become eligible to receive the community bonus if you make it to the Top 10 (as explained here). It will also increase your chance to receive higher upvotes from the community. Let me know if you need any technical guidance on this.

Hola. Gracias por el apoyo.
Respecto al punto del 20% pensé que lo había colocado así, pero entonces veo que no lo logré. Podrías indicarme como se hace para próximas oportunidades por favor.
Gracias 😃✨

Great that you are asking! So this is how it works if you use (if you use it's basically the same process):

Before publishing a post you need to click on Advanced, then click on Add Beneficiaries and then add the community account hive-174695 as 20% beneficiary. After that click the "+" button and "Save". Then the beneficiary will be set.

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  • beneficiaries_2.JPG

All proceeds from these beneficiaries will be added to each week's community bonus meaning that 100% of it will be redistributed. If you contribute to this you will help the LMAC's prize pool to grow in tandem with an increasing number of participants.

If you need further guidance don't hesitate to reply to this comment.



Your art is wonderful. To imagine something as you did--the anguish of the lady and the fire--and to be able to share that idea with us. What a gift.
This works beautifully in the collage. Your message is clear and brutal.
Good luck in the contest!

Auuu 🤗 thank you.
I'm glad you like it.
It took me some time, the one I show is the third collage I had made, until I made this one and I told myself that it would be the one I should show 😅

🌞 🌞

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