Let's Make a Collage, Giants in the City - Round 51

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Giants in the City

Hello dear friends

The collage is gigantic in the city, a fun collage, mischievous and out of reality, that's what my mind dictated to make the collage.

The adored and mischievous boy leaves the mountain to do evil, and he finds that his dad also went out to the city and found a large ball of gum in the building, which ended up in his shoe.


>Hola queridos amigos

El collage es gigante en la ciudad, un collage divertido, travieso y fuera de la realidad, eso era lo que dictaba mi mente para hacer el collage.

El niño adorado y travieso sale de la montaña para hacer maldad, y se encuentra que su papa también salió a la ciudad y se encontró con una gran bola de chicle en el edificio, que fue a parar a su zapato..













To do this collage prank use photoshop to edit and GIPHY to place the naughty baby and the scared man

Para realizar esta travesura de collage utilice photoshop para editar y GIPHY para colocar el nene travieso y el hombre asustado


Haa Haa Haa
Hilarious and brilliantly original. I see you did have fun. Wonderful!!

You cannot imagine how much fun I had, while my mind elaborates it, my dear friend takes me to my childhood.


I have to tell you, though it's not fair to say upfront--this is my favorite. That little boy really gets me laughing :))

Hello friend, what a great imagination, luck in the contest.
When I was little, on television they played a little comic called Guilliver who was a giant.

Si ya me acorde de la comic, también la vi muchas veces mi amigo.

Wow, that's not just a well-made collage, it's also very funny and well staged.
I love it! Good luck!

Your comment is a real honor for me @Quantumg

Hello @tormenta.
What a great job you've done with all the elements. I sincerely congratulate you. It is a magnificent collage!

Hola mi querida @marcybetancourt, muchas gracias por tu apreciación.

Tu trabajo es verdaderamente un gran collage. Espero que estés entre los primeros

Wao creativity to the fullest since this collage was built with various ingredients like preparing a food recipe and it is fabulous creating a spectacular and fun scene. Greetings and luck.

Gracias mi amor...

Espectaculo, what a wonderful & funny collage.
I like it a lot. 😎

Hello my friend @muelli, how nice, thank you very much, hugs.