MY ENTRY for #SupportLMAC - Community Challenge #1

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine :),

I was forget to submit My entry for #supportLMAC contest but thanks to @elcorrecamino who reminds me by selecting my Collage to re-work on it and He done a great JOB (GOOD LUCK).

And thanks to our @brittandjosie and @quantumg for arranging this Contest for us. I love the contest not because of the winning prizes but because I attached my GIF mostly to the given scene and so I have more viewers to my GIF WORK. How ever I won the contest couple of times as well... Thanks to @shaka for given us this engaging community and the contest :D.

Now for the contest entry, I select Mr. @nazarulakbar collage from 44th Round.
First Check My entry

My Entry for Community Challenge Round 1


I select @Nazarulakbar Entry

It was a GIG IMAGE with 157 frames and I took 72 or 74 frames from it and add my drawing GIF to it, to make my Entry


Software I Used : Adobe Image Ready 7.0


Graphic Elements I added :

I added two of my own created GIF IMAGE to it, and below are the post links of those GIFs

Post Link

Post Link


Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit



A nice way to celebrate the support for LMAC. A very funny and lively collage. Well done!

Thank You for appreciation :)

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