Let’s Make A Collage Round #65: Blueberry Fields In The Storm

My entry to @shaka’s #letsmakeacollage contest. Check Here for more information if you are interested in entering the contest.

A young farmer hires a man and his oxen to cultivate the blueberry bushes. He was told the blueberries grow best on Prince Edward Island in the rich soil by the Atlantic ocean and he hopes to reap a good crop this year.

The farmer attended to the immature blueberry bushes each summer and waited patiently for four years since the bushes first started to grow. He is confident this is the year they will finally produce fruit.

When the thunder and lightning storm starts the farmer braves the inclement weather to come down to the blueberry field. He had animals, standing in the open fields, hit by lightning before when experiencing such fierce storms by the water.

As the lightning and rain gets worse the worried young farmer stands at the edge of the blueberry field and shouts to his worker,

“Get off the field! Bring the oxen into the barn!”


I edited my first edited image in LunaPic to add rain.


Original photo provided by @shaka for the start of your collage.


My collage made in Photo Collage


Farmer with fork

Farmer with oxen



Banner created by @barbara-orenya

Banner created by @barbara-orenya



I like the rain you added to the photo and the calf.
It's a cool creation. I just saw this contest and I don't know if I can meet up with my submission before the deadline.

Thanks @zanoz. You should give the contest a try. It can be silly, magical or serious additions to the original photo. It’s all in fun.

Earlier this afternoon, I have been talking about the hard life of farmers, Jo, and your image with thunderstorm and rain shows such a farmer's life perfectly 😁
The oxen seem to enjoy the rain - the hardest work for the farmer will be to get them into the barn 😉

Cheers and !BEER

What a coincident you were talking about the hard work of farmers as I was putting together this farmer’s concern for the man and oxen in the storm.

I grew up on a farm and know the hard work and various hardships that comes with the occupation. Most farmers love their work though but they cannot take a day away from it. Money is often scarce.

Animals can be stubborn dear Hannes. I don’t know much about oxen as on dad’s farm the closest to the size of an oxen were two large white colored Charolaise cows he had one time.

I hope you had a great Caturday dear Hannes.😺

Thanks for your kindness and generosity.🤗

Good morning Jo,

my family had already given up farming before I was born. I think a few chicken have still been around though... no, I don't mean my sisters 😉

But we helped our neighbors from time to time with their farm work. So I know a tiny little bit how hard farm work is.

As said in the other comment, here it's warm and rainy and absolutely not wintry, but I wish you a wonderful Sunday, dear Jo 🤗🌞

Cheers and !BEER

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Bautiful collage adding the water feature on the other side of the field. The sailboat lends an alternative action to what is going on that day. I love your story of the farmer tending his crop. He's quite a patient guy, waiting for 4 years for his crop to produce.

Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks @justclickindiva for your lovely comments. ❤️ I’m happy you liked the addition of the sailboat and the story. If you’re a blueberry farmer one needs patience... it actually does take four years for new blueberry bushes to mature.

I hope your week is going pleasantly.🙂

Hello friend @redheadpei,
That lightning is fierce! What a vivid story you tell. Who has not been trapped outside in an electrical storm? I wonder how many farmers are struck by lightning in just such a circumstance (and golfers !)

A dynamic picture. Very attractive, also.

Good luck!!

Good morning dear friend A.G.🙂 I’m happy you found the collage attractive.

Yes, being in an open field during an electrical storm can be deadly to both man or beast.

Thanks! Your comment and generous tip most appreciated.

I’m be anxious to see what you come up with for the collage.

I really love your story, you write so well. Farmers go through a lot, the rain and thunderstorm were really needed. Goodluck with the contest

Thanks so much @onyechi for your kind comment and good luck wishes. You made my day! 💞

Oh, these farmers will be very wet ... Congrats! 👏 😎

Yes it’s raining really hard. :) Thanks @seckorama for the visit and the congrats.

Los bueyes queriendo estropear la cosecha!

Google Translation” The oxen waiting to spoil the harvest.”

Haha No the oxen is suppose to be helping cultivate the field to make the harvest better.

Ah ok!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 41 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix! Much appreciated.❤️

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