🎃The Witch - Let's Make a Collage - Round 56 👻 🧙‍♀️

Hey Friends! Continuing with the Halloween theme, today I want to share with you my participation in the LMAC contest in the community of the same name. I recently met this community and this is my third participation in this activity, I must confess that I am delighted with this community, as it challenges me every week to learn more about this world of image manipulation. If you want to join this weekly activity here I leave the link for you to join and share your skills and have fun participating. https://peakd.com/c/hive-174695/about

Hey Amigos! Continuando con la temática de Halloween hoy quiero presentarles mi participación en el concurso LMAC de la comunidad del mismo nombre. Hace poco conocí esta comunidad y es mi tercera participación en esta actividad, debo confesar que estoy encantada con esta comunidad, ya que me reta cada semana a aprender algo más de este mundo de la manipulación de imágenes. Si quieres unirte a esta actividad semanal aqui te dejo el enlace para que te unas y compartas tus habilidades y te diviertas participando. https://peakd.com/c/hive-174695/about


most of the images were extracted from Pixabay, the image of the witch is from https://unsplash.com/@kaylamaurais, the leaves of the tree were created with a leaf brush.

la mayoría de las imágenes fueron extraídas de Pixabay, la imagen de la bruja es de https://unsplash.com/@kaylamaurais, las hojas del árbol fueron creadas con un pincel de hojas.


To show how the process went I created a gif with several screenshots, thanks to @quantumg for the idea! 😉

Para mostrar como fue el proceso cree un gif con varios captures de pantalla, gracias a @quantumg por la idea!


Thanks for stopping by

_With love. Maria Ballesteros._


Credits Zord89


I like the witch, she is not bad, her magic uses her for good.

I like the colors, and of course the cat

I love black cats.

Thank you Eve! I love witches too. I always wanted to dress up as a witch but I haven't had the chance. Have a nice day! 😘

Que trabajo tan hermoso, Mari, eres una experta en este arte, me encantó el resultado y como combinaste las imágenes. Exquisita desde todo punto de vista. Gracias por compartir, bella @mballesteros. Te dejo mi apoyo y un gran abrazo!. Siempre es grato apreciar tu hermoso trabajo.

Muchas gracias mi querida Marybel. 😘

*boom* ... and then I fell off the office chair.
This is a very beautiful work of art and a fantastic journey into the land of Halloween.
I love the detail you put into the collage. Lights, shadows, assembling and the atmosphere due to the autumn lighting...

I bow to you!

Thank you Quantumg your comments make me feel that I am doing well and I appreciate them very much. I always look forward to seeing what new you bring to us!

Cool work 😅👌 I hope this world is real there 👌

Hahaha it is just in my imagination, but it could be real! Thanks for stopping by! 😘

Wow, very well done!

Thank you very much! I have a lot fun in this contest!😉

Hello friend the witch is walking all over the forest looking for the pumpkins, good luck collage in the contest

Thank you! Yes, she is, but also she found a nice little cat! 😉