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Hi friends LMAC Community and Hivers friends.

This collage seeks to recreate several elements: the art of Van Gogh, the expressionism of Edvard Munch, the photography of @shaka, the symbolism of Japanese manga, and the Second World War.

Obviously, I tried to draw in the background, as a tribute, "The Starry Night" (original title "De Sterrennacht") by Netherlands painter Vincent van Gogh. This masterpiece of post-impressionism is currently in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

This work was painted in France when the artist was in a psychiatric hospital and is an intimate, personal, and unique observation of Van Gogh's imagery of the nature around him.

Van Gogh has many famous works. Among the canvases, I like the most is the Sunflowers series. Hence, in the foreground, you will find sunflowers in my collage.

On the other hand, Edvard Munch, a Norwegian painter, created one of the expressionist works that has most impacted our society. It is Scream (original title "Skrik"). The strength, dynamics, and vibration of that canvas are impressive.

It is said that Munch made several versions of the same work. Also, there is a great cultural debate as to whether "the figure screams or hears a scream. In any case, critics have not agreed on this point, and it is difficult to do so.

Munch with this canvas recognizes the existential anguish of modern man in his transition from the nineteenth to the twentieth century. There is despair, possibly loneliness, and even discouragement and torment. There is an invocation of nature and some terror of the technological advances of the time.

When I saw the photograph of @shaka and the beautiful mushrooms in the foreground I couldn't help but think of an explanation that some young college students gave me regarding the symbolism of the mushroom in the Japanese manga and animé.

They told me that the mushrooms in those comics were an association or representation of the "mushroom" produced by the nuclear bombs that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I don't know if this is true!

So, with all these references I made my collage. Van Gogh screams in torment from the Psychiatric Hospital because of the nuclear bomb disaster in World War II. Meanwhile, he contemplates the sunflowers as well as the mushrooms in the photograph of @shaka. And in the background, in the sky, my homage to him.

A somewhat crazy collage, right? I sincerely hope you like the intention of my artwork.

If you want to participate you can check the rules Round 55. I accept the submission to the @shaka contest.

Source Obligatory image of the contest, courtesy of @shaka

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For the realization I have used images from the public domain -this is very important in the competition- (below the fonts) and drew freehand in Krita. The image by @shaka is copyrighted

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Sources: Pixabay Van Gogh, Purepng Explosion.

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Sources: Purepng Sunflowers, Sunflower.

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Thanks for your appreciation and support for this artwork.

Welcome your comments
Infinite greetings!

Oct 2020, Collage @marcybetancourt



Hi @marcybetancourt,
This may be one of your best collages (in my humble opinion). I actually think it's brilliant. Talk about synthesis :) The collage is referential, and yet original. Your blog explains perfectly the thought behind the design, but the collage would have worked without that explanation.
What can I say, except, bravo!

Dear @agmoore. Thanks for your charming words.
I think the explanation was needed particularly for the World War II mushroom reference.

I spent a lot of time thinking about where to place Van Gogh's face and the sunflowers. It seems incredible, but it's the truth!
As you say, we become the most severe self-critics.
Again, thank you very much!

Hi @marcybetancourt,
I think your explanation enriches our understanding of the collage, but if you had never written a word, the mushroom cloud and Van Gogh would have suggested the insanity of the atomic bomb. It is a very symbolic picture and I think you placed Van Gogh perfectly. Of course, that's just me, one viewer. I wonder what others will see.

Hola amiga excelente collage adaptado a la pintura de van gohs

Al menos intenté hacer un homenaje a un pintor que amo tanto!
Gracias por tu comentario @cetb2008!

Wow, this is really an amazing piece of art. Thank you for contributing your time and creativity to our community!

It is a great pleasure to make collages for LMAC. It inspires me to make new works with elements that already exist!

Me dijeron que los hongos en esos cómics eran una asociación o representación del "hongo" producido por las bombas nucleares que cayeron sobre Hiroshima y Nagasaki. ¡No sé si esto es cierto!

Amiga esto que escribiste me dio mucha curiosidad, voy a ver que puedo investigar, me gusta tu referencia inspiradora para hacer el collage.

Ni me digas! Yo estuve investigando y no encontré información al respecto. Pero reconozco que no investigar sobre Manga (es un comics específico). Si encuentras algo me encantaría saber la referencia. Un gran saludo y gracias por hacer un paseo por mi collage @tormenta

"Holla die Waldfee" as we use to say as an exclamation of great astonishment in Germany. This is great art!
I immediately noticed the inspiration from the great master's style when I saw your picture in the peakd-preview. Van Gogh would surely like how you put his technique into a collage. Me too!
Really well done.

I am moved by your words @quantumg.
I thought a lot about the elements I wanted to combine. I admire Van Gogh's work.
I'm very happy that I did a good job in honoring him.

What a creative collage Marcy. Thanks for explaining the symbolism.

I recognized Van Gogh’s influence right away.