Let's Make a Collage Submission 88 - Toy invasion


Ok so I saw this great starting photo and thought of making a toy invasion! I also wanted to try my hand at making a gif! Never done it before but it was very fun to create

Started with @shaka great image

AmRc67RgYaWTamZtjiRVK9pxDgRdg2RtnXmG5dbeGuzK3WNfkBktwpfi3UhQYZEvm8iXdAkssjivTxoVjjw7he6AtX5gYRBQSZ6UKXqhVZAWm4pLpcxFDK2n3Akc3qJQsbpJ35pbmTEbcmaJ5DwjEHRJTSkRj7Qi (1).jpeg

Then I wanted some boats! All the following images are from pexel or flicker and royalty free.


And removed the backgrounds


Ok I wanted to add a cannon, however the only canon that came up was the camera so.. I went for it.



Then you had to have some army men, these are hard to cut out! I reused these images to add in little soliders


images (1) (18).jpeg

images (1) (19).jpeg


Added them in a created 3 images, moving the boats in the scene, next time if I am feeling bolder I might move some other elements to.

Untitled_34 (26).png

Untitled_34 (25).png

I then added some rain and clouds in Pexle and then gif it. Very happy overall bit I did spend alot of time getting the boots right and maybe should have added more elements next time.





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