Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 65 -

Hello friends!

This is my first entry to this beautiful and creative contest, and I'll start with the following image. I hope you like it!




I loved the original image and just made a few changes. The different changes were executed with the help of a free editor on the internet and canvas.

First I changed the color, then I placed the image of the dry leaves and finally I placed the old edge to give it an added touch.

Thank you for being here and leaving your appreciated comment.


Welcome! I think you'll have fun here. I do every week, even when my imagination does not seem up to the task.

The dry leaves and the vintage look of your collage seem to go together. The passage of time, and things past.

Good luck!

I'm leaving a tip instead of a vote because I'm really low on VP!

Just try to make something cute come out ha ha!
Thank you very much for the opportunity!!!

Welcome to the LMAC, great that you found your way here!

You may consider the next time to set the LMAC community (@hive-174695) as 20% beneficiary in your entry. Only then you become eligible to receive the community bonus if you make it to the Top 10 (as explained here. It will also increase your chance to receive higher upvotes from the community.

Let me know if you need any technical guidance on this.

Also, feel free to join our Discord to further connect with our community.

Thanks for supporting the LMAC with your time and creativity!

Oh, thank you very much!
Believe me, I am also super happy to have found you.
When reading the rules I realized the percentage and I tried but I don't know if I did it wrong or the internal system was not optimal at that time, the point is that I couldn't do it. Next time I hope I have more luck :)
A hug!

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Muchísimas gracias!!!