Let's Make a Collage - A Contest - Round 54 /Guided by the Bright star

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Greetings friends, this is my participation in the collage contest number 51, promoted by @shaka. In this collage the three wise men go out to look for the son of God who was born on December 24, this was guided by the bright star in the sky and the sunlight of dawn.

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If you want to participate these the bases of the contest

I hope you like my collage, see you next time.



I think I know this story...I think I know how it ends :)
Very nicely done.
Good luck @cetb2008

Greeting friend, thank you very much for visiting my blog.
Thanks also for the transfer

:) You are welcome. I love your positive, fun collages.

Perhaps you can help me. I' m trying to post but cannot. Peakd just gives me a perpetual circle and when I try to post on Hive it won't let me put down @hive-174695 as a beneficiary. It will only take letsmakeacollage. What should I do? Do you know?
Thanks for your help.

In peakd it changes nodes, click on configuration and select another node, I have anyx.io and you give it save.



You select the one that you see that does not give you problems.

Thank you so much for answering. I don't seem to have the option: Select default API node.
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Maybe @shaka will tell me how to name the beneficiary on Hive.blog so I can post there. I don't want the rewards going to a deadend.

Thanks again, friend, for taking the time to give such a thorough response,

In hive I know how to do it too

Thank you. I will see if @shaka answers and tells me who to set as beneficiary. I really appreciate your help.

ok it's ok to order




it only allows me to choose letsmakeacollage or shaka. There is no option to choose @hive-174695. So I think I'm going to choose shaka, because I don't know if the letsmakeacollage account is still active. I can't thank you enough. You are really kind. But then, you do save animals all the time, so I'm not surprised :)

I made @shaka beneficiary. It's up! You are the kindest person :)

Greetings to order.

Bonito collage que representa el nacimiento de dios, @cetb2008

Saludos @lisbethseijas gracias por visitar mi blog