Let's Make a Collage - A Contest Round 60/ The Mermaid Aquarium

Hello friends, here is my proposal for the @shaka contest. People are impressed to see a sleeping mermaid in the aquarium.


Image of the competition


Used images

01 source
02 source
03 source
04 source

Friends of Hive animate and participate in this collage contest and also join the school to learn this art and contest](https://hive.blog/hive-174695/@shaka/let-s-make-a-collage-a-contest-for-all-creatives-in-the-hive-round-60-154-hive-in-this-round-s-prize-pool


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Well, I'm impressed too :)) .. Good luck!

Hello thanks for commenting.

Greetings friend, excellent aquarium where people are surprised to see the mermaid, good luck in the contest

Hello thanks for commenting.

Debe ser hermoso poder ver esta belleza de mar en vivo y directo, me gusto tu collage.

Hola @lisbethseijas gracias por comentar.