My Entry To Let's Make A Collage Contest 53

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The turtles will help me catapult to the moon no matter how slow. That is the message of my Collage entry to the LMAC contest of @shaka. Here is the link to the contest if you want to read more about the details hurry

My Collage is quite simple. I put my own photo taken during my work out. Then I added a cape using the beautiful Hive Flag by @doze
flagjVQiQasiEcGctw3Jrh4b5JpqYUgTm3bMaADebE8bT2BKo57KZhMtjLAG2htHLmDiEidzvPsS9tudmRNv6dBJsdso32N 1.png
This is my photo at the gym
Slowly but surely that is my vision of the hive token going to moon. If we continue to be here and engage soon we will attract the mass one community at a time until mass adoption.



That looks like a major workout :) It's great that you bring the energy to LMAC, and to HIVE. A unique and upbeat approach to the collage.
Good luck!

Thank you very much for dropping by. Yes I just work with what I have for this LMAC contest hope I can join again

Hope no turtle was hurt hahaha. Good luck



Mass adoption isn't planned, but sure, love hive.

I agree

Great that you used an own photo for this collage! Thanks for contributing to our community!

It is my pleasure ❤️❤️❤️