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Hi @marcybetancourt,
This may be one of your best collages (in my humble opinion). I actually think it's brilliant. Talk about synthesis :) The collage is referential, and yet original. Your blog explains perfectly the thought behind the design, but the collage would have worked without that explanation.
What can I say, except, bravo!


Dear @agmoore. Thanks for your charming words.
I think the explanation was needed particularly for the World War II mushroom reference.

I spent a lot of time thinking about where to place Van Gogh's face and the sunflowers. It seems incredible, but it's the truth!
As you say, we become the most severe self-critics.
Again, thank you very much!

Hi @marcybetancourt,
I think your explanation enriches our understanding of the collage, but if you had never written a word, the mushroom cloud and Van Gogh would have suggested the insanity of the atomic bomb. It is a very symbolic picture and I think you placed Van Gogh perfectly. Of course, that's just me, one viewer. I wonder what others will see.