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RE: Let's Make a Collage - A Contest - Round 54 /Guided by the Bright star

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Perhaps you can help me. I' m trying to post but cannot. Peakd just gives me a perpetual circle and when I try to post on Hive it won't let me put down @hive-174695 as a beneficiary. It will only take letsmakeacollage. What should I do? Do you know?
Thanks for your help.


In peakd it changes nodes, click on configuration and select another node, I have and you give it save.



You select the one that you see that does not give you problems.

Thank you so much for answering. I don't seem to have the option: Select default API node.
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Maybe @shaka will tell me how to name the beneficiary on so I can post there. I don't want the rewards going to a deadend.

Thanks again, friend, for taking the time to give such a thorough response,

In hive I know how to do it too

Thank you. I will see if @shaka answers and tells me who to set as beneficiary. I really appreciate your help.

ok it's ok to order




it only allows me to choose letsmakeacollage or shaka. There is no option to choose @hive-174695. So I think I'm going to choose shaka, because I don't know if the letsmakeacollage account is still active. I can't thank you enough. You are really kind. But then, you do save animals all the time, so I'm not surprised :)

I made @shaka beneficiary. It's up! You are the kindest person :)

Greetings to order.