The Snow Queen and the faun. Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 64

La reina y el fauno Ronda 64.jpg

The Queen and the Faun

As you may have noticed, I have become a fan of collages. I hope to learn how to do well everything I would like to do with images. LMAC's rounds are an irreplaceable stimulus to do so. This community is my school.
If you read me, I will tell you very seriously this: consider participating and consider donating some HP for this marvelous initiative that is really forming artists in Hive.
We arrived at Round 64 of Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive (see the bases here), from the incredible hand of @Shaka, who is wearing gloves so that his fingers do not freeze with the impressive snowfalls that are falling in much of the globe.
I live in Venezuela, in the east of my country, and we have a continuous summer. In January it has cooled down a bit and, those who live in the cold will laugh, today we had 27° and I had to put on long pants. I am cold.

Ronda 64.jpg

The photograph that came in from the cold, by @Shaka

A little bit of the tropics

The cold can be beautiful. Snow is one of nature's most delicate elements. The great expanses of snow, the frozen trees, the life that stops and the one that wakes up with the winter... All this invites us to gather in our thoughts and in our fantasy. I understand that, but, in essence, I don't think I understand much about the cold. Maybe that's why I wanted to send this faun with a bold look as a bearer of the gifts of the tropics. A little bit of warmth and a bird of paradise to light up the look with colors.


Making people (not very human)

From the beginning I was sure I wanted to put the Snow Queen, from the Brothers Grimm's story, in my collage. However, it was very difficult to find an image with good definition and with license of the queen drawn by Edmund Dulac, that wonder of illustration, and that was the one I wanted. I tried other solutions and, suddenly, how silly, I remembered that, inspired by the works of @quantumg, I downloaded a program that allows me to make people. So I made my Snow Queen with Make Human (thank you, @quantumg), dressed it with snow and cloned pine branches from the beautiful photograph of round 64 (thank you, @Shaka) and made a wreath with snowflakes as seen in a microscope (thank you, Wikipedia).


The faun is another story. I made it in Gimp using two paintings (Two Fauns (1618-1619), and The Faun and the Bacchant(1620)) by Master Peter Paulus Rubens. One of the paintings had the face I wanted, and the other painting had the fruit basket I needed. I love the face I used for the faun. That look expresses the Dionysian spirit. He's a rogue and he's a very nice provocateur. I don't know why, but I remembered a lot of @muelli when I was working on my faun. Heh.


A wolf

I like animals. I respect and appreciate them. Big and small. Flying and swimming. Oviparous and mammals. Wild and domestic. I eat them or not.If I can, I include their presence, not only in my life, but in all the artwork I can make. The wolves are one of the most beautiful forms of connection to the spiritual dimension of winter. Perhaps they are the part of the dog that gave up on domesticity.


Faun's body jpg

Faun's head


Banana jpg

Sky of the sphere



Flower Bird of paradise'histoire_naturelle_(Monocotyledones_Pl.16)(6436304509).jpg


Thank you for being here again. Welcome back.


This is a fantastic collage. The male protagonist seem to has his very own humor to make the peaple of the cold lands jealous about this delicous fruits from the warm lands. One could almost think that the lady is very pleased about the possible offer. :-D
All in all a very creative and neatly implemented collage.
Good luck in the ongoing final! :-)

When I read that you are also using the MakeHuman, I was very happy. Fortunately, it seems now we have another artist on board who doesn't have to borrow everything from Pixabay. That makes the range of impressions we (the audience) will get much larger. :-)

Obviously your first job with MakeHuman was a success. The lady looks good.
May I give you some advice? Avoid rendering your models in MakeHuman itself.
Blender has way more power to do this job. Simply download the free program Blender 2.91. While it is a complete professional modeling tool, you don't need any knowledge of 3D modeling to render your MakeHuman models in it, in case you wouldn't have that knowledge.

This video show an easy way to use MakeHuman models in Blender:

Rendering with transparent background. Perfect for creating cutouts for Collages.

There then you have also the ability to change the pose the way you want it to have.
And you can also light it up as you need it (add lights) or change color tones of the model materials.

Dear @quantumg, I thank you with all my heart for this particular class. I had no knowledge of any graphic program (some Photoshop I learned on my own and badly) until I came to your classes about Gimp, which I am still assimilating. I always bite off more than I can chew, but I guess that's the salt of my life, hehe...
I love what is done in the community because it allows us to grow, not only in continuous practice, but also in learning from what others do. You are a source of inspiration and your comments enrich the work a lot. I pay attention to them with emotion, curiosity and expectation.
Thank you, again, I will review the programs and, little by little, try to make my teacher proud.

A teacher lives forever (of course, what is forever?). The chain starts with a lesson learned. The student is affected and the lesson is passed on, through deed or speech. It echoes in those the student touches. And then it echoes again, and again as more people in the chain are affected. Not just people, but everything.

There is a ripple that carries on in ways the teacher cannot imagine. You are a teacher in spirit and in deed.

Respect :)

Absolutely true, dear @agmoore. It is a beautiful reflection, like a butterfly flapping its wings in China. 🦋

I remembered a lot of @muelli when I was working on my faun

Of course, our resident mischievous artist.

Make a human: I admire your ambition to learn and the willingness to put in the work necessary. Now I am motivated. This program (as @quantumg explains) gives so much flexibility. Allows for more originality. No cookie-cutter, Pixabay images for you anymore:)

A brilliant collage. A masterful collage.

Wonderful. See you next time. Am eager to see what you come up with.

Warm regards,

Te felicito ya sabes hacer figuras humanas!👏 Estás aprendiendo bastante, Quantumg es un buen teacher. Te quedó genial tu collage. He tratado de pasar por todos los post pero no he podido son tantos! 😯 Cada vez participa más gente lo que es muy bueno! Te deseo suerte y un súper feliz año! 😘

¡Gracias! Efectivamente, @quantumg es un gran profesor. Todavía e falta muuuuuucho, pero es de lo más divertido. El programa, en sí mismo, es fácil. Lo difícil es hacer algo que no quede rígido y, para eso, sía hace falta saber y llevar estas figuras a otros programas.
Un abrazo!

A very ingenious proposal, @adncabrera. You combine the winter with the tropical, in a somewhat ironic look, through the characters used, with great visual quality. Greetings.


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