I know what you did last Halloween. Let's Make a Collage - 🎃 Halloween Special 👻🧙‍♀️ - Round 56 - ✨

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I'm just telling you that ? I know what you did last Halloween. I know and I will tell the world from the blockchain!😆😆😆

Sé lo que hicieron el Halloween pasado.png

Without a doubt, this has been the year in which I have invented more horror stories in all my life. The invention of nightmares attracts me enormously and, in fact, I have been writing horror stories for a few years now. However, making a collage with the theme is a new experience and it was quite difficult. During the whole process I was very aware that I was working with other people's pieces and that I was making them mean something else. How coherent was it? You tell me.

Some notes on the process

As always, we start from a photograph provided by @Shaka. This one was particularly beautiful, with very well-defined shots. So I started working from those shots, and used them to sector my collage. In the photographs below you can see how important it was.
The next thing I'd like to highlight has to do with art as a means to one's own formation. I had the magnificent opportunity to get to know the work that is so formidable that I find it incredible that I did not know it, being, as I am, a lover of El Bosco. It is about the Renaissance painter Matthias Grünewald (you can see more information here). To this painter correspond the two strange creatures that bring more strength to the collage. Cutting them out was very difficult and I had to complete some pieces that were not complete in the original painting.
The rest was cutting, pasting and placing many eyes, modifying contrasts and lights.
The white edges were an expressive detail that had to do with my own nightmares.

This incredible contest is organized every week by the wonderful LMAC Community. Dare to participate!

Separador santa maría pincel rosa fuerte.png

You can also appreciate here the beautiful photo of @shaka, the basis of all the work.

I hope you have nightmares about my collage, although I'm happy for you to have fun with it.

Separador santa maría pincel rosa fuerte.png

This is the list of links to the images used

Thanks for joining me. Until the next collage!


Greetings @adncabrera,
Wow! Your collage does look like a demonic visitation. I was wondering where the separate elements came from then saw you extracted horrors from The Temptation of St. Anthony. This works very well.

Good luck on this cerebral, yet dramatic collage. (I'm leaving a tip instead of a vote because my VP is low...tomorrow I hope to return for the vote)

Oh, @agmoore! Thank you very much! Thank you for noticing the details and visiting my nightmare. I didn't know Grünewald. It's unbelievable this painter and it's incredible that I didn't know him. I'm a fan of Bosch and I really like art that contains strange creatures.
I'm finishing some works and then I'm having a banquet of collages! A hug. Welcome always!

Muy onírico, chama! Con muchos seres alados y colores vibrantes. Me gusta el detalle de ese astro inmenso. Saludos ;)

Gracias, querida @nancybriti. Me alegra que te gusten mis colores de pesadilla. Un abrazote. Bienvenida siempre.