A good day for Helvetia. My collage for Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 59

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Looking at the river must be a beautiful and peaceful experience, I thought as soon as I saw the phto of @shaka. The sculpture represented first of all a longing. There is too much war around me. Maybe that's why my first choice was to give that tired warrior a good day. I also wanted with this collage, even through fantasy, to inhabit for a moment a world where war is obsolete.
Then I read the story of Helvetia auf der Reise, the sculpture by the Swiss artist Bettina Eichin, which I did not know. And so it seemed right to give a day of fun to this important traveler, in need of experiences similar to those I wanted. Since we inhabit the world of fiction, I decided to have fun with my collage.

Out of these motivations, I have learned a few things about manipulating images. I am very proud (please don't laugh at this blanket). I liked folding it, adjusting it to the shape I needed.


For the first time, too, I dared to radically modify the photograph of @shaka, and, although I feel that I tightened up more than the whole thing, it's a little bit unknowable that I destroyed that photograph, which I had liked very much. However, I needed a cliff and I built it with the copy and paste tool, measuring the size of the image to preserve the perspective.
I made the sun shine with a light effect and achieved the transparency of the water by manipulating the transparency of the layer.


Then there are some other things that required patience but I had done them before. I hope you like it.
Friends, if you are enthusiastic about art, try making collages. You won't regret it. I leave the link of this week's call for Let's Make a Collage, Round 59. It's more than a fun initiative. It deserves support.

Images used:

Pool water
White Cliffs
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:White_Cliffs_of_Dover_02. JPG
Seated woman
Female diver
Male diver

And, of course, the photo by @shaka


I would like to say goodbye with a detail of the basic photography, because I really liked the experience of coloring the little dove that accompanies Helvetia, symbol of peace.


Thanks for the company. Welcome always.


Hello @abncabrera,
The dog is a perfect center for this collage, I think. Play! it calls to us, with the frisbee in its mouth. You have given Helvetia a holiday, and oh, do we all need one.
A beautiful, well-executed collage.
Good luck!!

Thank you, my dear @agmoore. After I read the story of the sculpture, I wanted to continue and take Helvetia on vacation. I would love to see that river sometime. If it's with a dog, better.
A hug! Good luck to you too!

I did not know the statue was of Helvetia until after I made the collage. My son told me. I think it's better for me not to know. Frees up my imagination. I really like to just let my imagination wander and see what it comes up with.
What a great round this was. What will tomorrow bring :)
Peace and health to you. A hug back!

Muy creativo tu collage! Me encantó porque tiene muchos colores y lo hace ver muy vivo! Suerte!!!

¡Gracias! Espero ver tu participación la semana que viene.

Trataré porque he estado muy ocupada. 😉

Una escena muy colorida, suerte!

Gracias, @danieels. Tu collage me gustó muchísimo también.

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Thank you very much. I have really discovered through collage a very important impulse to develop myself as an artist. Each edition has been a challenge and a learning experience.