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Celine got home feeling indifferent about the discussion she had with her mom. She tried everything she could to keep it off her mind so that she won’t be brainwashed in any way.
It wasn’t that easy, I mean it’s not easy to forget the conversation you had especially if it came from the one you loved. Celine loved her mom so much as if she was the only thing she had in the world.
And her mom’s love for her was almost the same or even more. She is the only child and it feels as if the love of ten other siblings were all showered on her.
She is the best thing that ever happened to her parent as such they don’t take her for granted.

Celine reminisced the words her mom said to her, Jeff is nice and decent what was her mom really insinuating? Could it be that mom likes Jeff a lot for her?
She suddenly remembered the fun and nice time she had and spent with Jeff. The series of surprises and dates. How Jeff usually check up on her to know how she was faring. How he surprises her every now and then. How they study together and then drove back home together.
She remembered the first time she met Jeff in the Library looking so serious and handsome that she couldn’t help but blush a bit. How Jeff caught her staring that she lost her balance. (how silly of her to lose her balance just because some handsome guy returned her gaze lol)
She smiled at the thought of those memories but she suddenly snapped out of it.
She needed to call herself back and pulled herself together.

Early the next morning, Celine got an urgent call asking her to meet up as quickly as possible. Celine didn’t know what or who the call was from, but all she knew was that she had to hurry to the location she was given. She was somewhat scared that she started praying while on her way down there.
When she arrived at the location, she walked into the office and spoke with the receptionist. She was asked to settle for some minutes that she will be attended to.
She sat down while still contemplating what was going on. She was lost but she had to get hold of and see where everything was leading to.

Hello Miss Celine? You are up! She was lost in thoughts when the receptionist called her attention that she was needed.
Miss Celine! Miss Celine your turn, please.
Oh, thank you very much, Ma, so sorry.
It’s okay, get inside.
When Celine got inside the office, she was offered a seat to sit. She was still feeling nervous and awkward and her fingers were displaying it. Everything is fine Miss Celine, relax. I know it was too sudden for you to have received a call this morning asking you to come and you hurried down here without a second thought…Actually Sir, Celine cut in. I am not aware neither do I have any idea what I am doing here or why I am even here. Don’t worry Miss Celine you will soon find out.

You see while going through our old files, we happen to see some outstanding files and we had to set them aside for a careful check-up. Your application file was one of those files. Application files? Celine had forgotten all about the application or whatsoever. She didn’t even recognize the company again because it was far back when she just returned from school that she applied for a job in the company but for some reason, she was rejected so she had to go search other companies and places for the Job. After several months of walking from one company and office to another, she decided to accept the role of a secretary in the bank she was currently working at.

Yes, Celine, we saw your file among those files and the funny thing is that you were appointed and given the job but then why are you not here or why are you not working here?
Sir, you mean I was offered the job to work here? Gracious Lord! I had no knowledge about this.
I was asked to return after the day I was interviewed and I submitted my application. I came back only to be disappointed that I wasn’t employed so I had to go elsewhere and search for the job. Do you mean this Miss Celine? Yes Sir, 100%.
Well, so were you employed somewhere else? Are you currently working?
Yes, Sir, I am currently working as a secretary in a bank. No company wanted to employ me then so rather than waiting and lingering, I had to set out for something else and that was the work of a secretary.
I see it wasn’t a bad idea at all. So would you mind reconsidering this job? Or are you okay with your present job? I will think about this Sir because right now I am very confused. Oh sure, Miss Celine. You only have two days to be done with your thinking or else we will give it out to someone else. Alright Sir, thank you very much. You have welcomed Miss Celine, have a wonderful day!.

Three days later, Celine was given her job back, she had used the two days assigned to her to settle and clarify things with the bank manager and her fellow colleagues at her previous workplace. She was so excited about the sudden restoration of her missed job, she called her mom and told her about the good news. She never taught her prayers could be answered in a flash. Just when she was in a state of a dilemma concerning the sudden engagement, God decided to make a way for her to speedily fulfill and accomplish the mission she set out to accomplish.
Her new job wasn’t a guarantee of that getting done but at least it was a step closer to what she dreamt and wished for.
Now she is working as a manager in a textiles and ceramics company which income was three times what she used to receive as a bank secretary.
Celine took her work seriously as she usually does, she goes there earlier than every other person, not minding that she was the manager. She set a good example and soon she was loved by so many.

A few months later, after the retirement of the acting director, Celine got promoted to take up the vacant position as the direction of the company.
Celine’s joy knew no bound, before she knew it her bank account was weighted. She started doing her personal project with her salary and the money she was getting. She expanded her mom’s boutique and divided it into sections. They had the clothes section, the shoes, the bags, and the accessories sections. It became a renounce and known boutique across the city. Her dad's business started booming even while he retired. They moved out of their old house and rented it out.
Celine became very wealthy and still very humble and meek. Her wealth didn’t make her to suddenly become rude, impolite, and disrespectful. She was loved and admired by all.
She did charity work with most of the riches she had, offered and donated to the orphanages and motherless babies home, she helped the less privileged and God blessed the more because of her cheerfulness and generosity.

One afternoon, Celine had a call in her office that a woman was asking to see her. The woman came uninvited and without an appointment. She was curious about who it could be so she asked that she was permitted in. Lo and behold it was Jeff’s mom.
Look who we have here. You are very welcome Ma. You may have a seat, please.
Thank you, Celine. You know I just returned from the state and I have been hearing about your good deeds so I decided totake a stroll and come see for myself.
Well, here we are, Celine responded, isn’t God just wonderful? I am so glad you decided to come to see for yourself what God can actually do. He can change even the poorest man into a wealthy man. He does wonders.
But you know what Ma, the interesting part is that I wasn’t poor, no, my parent were not poor yet you treated me like a piece of rag simply because I didn’t meet the standard of what you call wealth and riches.
But I want to remind you that riches, wealth is not all that makes a man.
Yes I did love your son and I still do but I had to pause for a little while and acquire the things you have seen me acquire today by the grace of God.
Yes, I have a new name, my family status has been changed forever, thanks to you.

Thanks for acting like wealth and riches were everything to you and helping me on this mission of proving you all wrong. Wealth doesn’t make a man neither does it make one any better. Yes, I am rich now, very wealthy even more than you are if I am not mistaken, but I still retain my dignity, I still honor and respect those whom honor and respect are due. I am the same Celine and I still respect you very much even after everything you did to me.
You are the mother to the man I love very much and will be getting married in a few weeks.
Wait! what? Samantha suddenly cut in when she heard about marriage.
Yes Ma, our engagement got postponed cause of the mission I was on. I have already accomplished that mission thanks to you and I will be getting married to the man I love. I guess now there won’t be any more issues concerning marrying your son.
If you would excuse me Ma, I have some work on my desk to finish within the next one hour. It was a pleasant visit, thank you for dropping by.

After a few months, Celine and Jeff got married to each other and their family was blessed with a daughter and a son.
Mrs. Samantha became a changed person after realizing that money wasn’t everything nor was it what made a person any better than another.
This was a lesson, Miss Celine, now Mrs, Celine Jeff taught her.




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